Parents Testimonials

Our son loves to learn, he is learning a great deal from the staff here. The staff are always very happy and polite and very approachable. The center is very clean and has a great feel about it. Some days our son doesn't want to come home! - Helen H. on 09/26/2013

I like the collaborative classroom and professional community at KA. The students know all the teachers and are familiar with other classroom students beside their own. I find that my son's classroom orients around very developmentally appropriate planning that takes into account an age range of up to a year or more from youngest to oldest. Development in the older preschool years becomes more relative, so an 'older' 3yo can do well with a 'younger' 4yo. - Jarucia J. on 09/25/2013

Like that the kids do learn getting them ready for K - Roger G. on 09/25/2013

Many options for activities for the kids. Friendly staff. Nutritious cook. Good hours. - Jennifer S. on 09/25/2013

All teachers refer to children by name and are extreamly friendly all the time - Nicole Z. on 09/24/2013

I like the personalized attention my children receive from the staff at Kiddie Academy. The teachers treat them as they would their own children/family. My children are happy at Kiddie Academy and know they are loved. - Christina W. on 09/24/2013

Starting with the cleaniness and well planned, built and laid out facility your quality staff has my children excited to go to school! - Jezzy W. on 09/24/2013

Video & Constant Feed back from Teachers - Christine E. on 09/23/2013

What can I say. Ever since Christina took the position the director position we are extremely happy with the response time, new programing and staff. We always were happy, but now we get alot more, with more smiles. - Amy H. on 09/23/2013

The level of interaction from staff with me and my family. - Jeannina M. on 09/23/2013

Teachers have always been very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the care and education of all three of my children. They always came home learning new things and happy. Being able to watch them throughout the day gave us comfort knowing that they are being cared for by a well-rounded, caring staff in a safe, secure environment. - Brian C. on 09/23/2013

The watch me grow cameras - Theresa P. on 09/23/2013

Teachers are kind and caring. My daughter seams to be happy at school. She plays the way I could tell she is learning new things daily. - Tatiana C. on 09/23/2013

Kiddie Academy does a good job of making sure the children are engaged. It is not a place where the kids are dropped off, ignored, or told to find something to keep themselves busy. There is learning, interaction, playing, and love...all very important aspects of what I want my child to have during the day. As a full time mom who can't be with my daughter during the week, I appreciate the fact that she gets cared for and treated so well by the staff and teachers at Kiddie Academy. - Katie T. on 09/23/2013

Very attentive to each individual child's need. my 19 months old daughter comes home wanting to sing songs and read books; its amazing. - Diane V. on 09/23/2013