Parents Testimonials

I really like the fact the owner and the director/educators are highly approachable and take my concerns into consideration. - Lisa S. on 10/15/2014

My son wants to return each day. Loves his class his teachers and his friends!!! - Naomi S. on 10/15/2014

That their is a solid curriculum for the kids in all ages to learn. I can see the progression in my son already. - Archie F. on 10/15/2014

Like how everything is made into a learning experience. The teachers are all very friendly which is a huge plus. - Katie P. on 10/15/2014

Everything. The personal attention from all KA staff members, the healthly meals provided, a great curriculum blend of play & learning. I have yet to see a child unhappy to be at school (aside from typical morning shyness). I wish I knew more people in the area looking for child-care so we could recommend KA more often. - Amy G. on 10/14/2014

- caring teachers, although there's turnover the center is good about backup plans - food included. attempts to be healthy - reasonable tuition - decent curriculum - Jenny W. on 10/14/2014

I like how open and easy it is to communicate with the staff - Joseph N. on 10/14/2014

I love the structure, the clean and creative atmosphere, and above all the staff. I can see that our daughter is learning a lot there and she truly misses KA when she's away for a few consecutive days! - Lindsay D. on 10/14/2014

My husband was watching tv this weekend and something came on regarding the planets. My daughter started talking about everything she knew about the Milky Way and the planets. We had no idea she knew so much about them. It was impressive and she learned all of it at Kiddie Academy. - Bryan Di I. on 10/14/2014

The personal relationships developed with the staff are what we like most about the school. - Shannon J. on 10/13/2014

staff is extremely careful with my son's multiple food allergies. - Maureen R. on 10/13/2014

I like the one on one enrichment sessions that are offered. I think Miss Nicole and Miss Paula are doing an excellent job of preparing these children for kindergarten next year. I hope that all of the teachers are conducting their classroom as they do. - Theresa M. on 10/13/2014

I like how my opinion matters. - Natalie S. on 10/13/2014

I feel that the teachers and directors have the children's best interest at heart. The children love going to Kiddie Academy. I have seen my son grow and learn by leaps and bounds. I have peace of mind and I know that he is in good hands. - Tabitha H. on 10/13/2014

I already recommended Kiddie Academy to a new coworker! I have been extremely happy with Kiddie Academy Eatontown. The teachers who have worked with my daughter are really dedicated and go the extra mile to make sure my daughter is comfortable and happy at school. The director is also super nice and caring with my daughter, and she is very accommodating with any questions or requests that I have. - Julia R. on 10/12/2014