Parents Testimonials

I like how everybody is involve in the school, from the owners, director to the teachers and people that work in the kitchen. Everybody look out for every kid and they make sure they get the best in every way. - Marina R. on 12/04/2014

I like the combination of Kiddie Academy's structure and the staff's respect for the individual needs of each child. - Alisha K. on 12/04/2014

Everyone is so kind and caring. They really care about the education and safety of the children. - Tara R. on 12/03/2014

Attentive, friendly, and personalized care - Erica S. on 12/03/2014

my daughter's vocabulary has really improved. - Kristi K. on 12/03/2014

We love that you are will to accommodate under unexpected circumstances. Our children have learned so much from the teachers and the education provided and we "thank you" for that. - Carol P. on 12/03/2014

I love that they provide transportation from the Elementary schools to the facility. I also love the fact that they provide a lunch and snack program for the k-children. And what can I say about the Kindergarten teachers they have in place. My boys love her and so do we. My 5 years have matured so much in the last four month from pre-K to Kindergarten and it is because of the continued enrichment program offered by Kiddie Academy. - Samantha J. on 12/03/2014

Clean and all the teachers care when I drop off my daughter I know she is safe and well taken care of.....kiddy academy is worth every penny to me for my daughter to get the best learning and care around! - Brea S. on 12/02/2014

I love the daily emails that update me on daily activities. Also everyday my daughter comes home and she is excited to teach me what she learn that day. - Angeline L. on 12/02/2014

The personal attention each of my children get from their teachers - Laura K. on 12/02/2014

Most importantly, our son loves all his teachers and friends, and has a blast every day at Kiddie Academy! As parents, we are confident that he is getting great care from his attitude as well as the feedback from his teachers. Everyone in the facility seemed committed to providing a great experience for all children in their care. - Alicia F. on 12/02/2014

Staff is very nice, and caring with the kids. - Brenda M. on 12/02/2014

You guys are friendly and very involved with the kids. I like all of you. :-) - Damaris C. on 12/02/2014

The teachers and staff are knowledgeable, friendly and patient. They put a lot of effort into making learning fun. They make me feel comfortable about leaving my child in their care. - Danielle H. on 12/02/2014

Your teachers are wonderful with the children. They are there to teach them instead of just letting them run around and play all day. My son has learned new words, how to share and is always happy at school. I am extremely happy with everyone who takes care of my son. Thank you!!! - Jennifer W. on 12/02/2014