Parents Testimonials

very friendly, good teachers, excellent toys and programs for kids - Judit P. on 09/26/2014

My son learns something new every day! - Alisia A. on 09/26/2014

I love how the teachers treat my child, how much he's learning, the curriculum, the atmosphere, he's always happy to go there and I feel happy and safe to know that he's in such a great environment. - Natalia G. on 09/26/2014

The friendly but very professional staff - Sonia B. on 09/25/2014

I really like how everything is so open and the kids are not locked in a room. I also like the staff they all seem to love what they are doing and the kids they are teaching. - Patricia D. on 09/25/2014

You take pride in what you teach and take care of my daughter very well. The teachers are wonderful and I look forward for my daughter continuing her curriculum and advancing the skills we teach her at home and what she learns at school!! - Lilly M. on 09/25/2014

I am very impressed with the way the teachers teach my child. They are very caring and loving people. Everybody is so nice and the school is very clean and organized. - Lacey B. on 09/25/2014

The caring, devoted and friendly staff. I feel like they really love my little boy as much as I do! - Marie K. on 09/25/2014

The cirriculum, the security, the staff is caring and I feel like my child is safe with them. - Nadine S. on 09/25/2014

Everything! Kiddie academy has been an amazing school to both my children! Don't know what I would do with out them - Shereen H. on 09/25/2014

The people who work there are amazing. I feel so good when I drop my son off. I know he is loved and in good hands. - Jelena V. on 09/25/2014

Until now, everything going good. you have good and save program and the teacher are friendly and good with the children. i dont have any concern... my doaughter is happy and she` learning. - Marilyn L. on 09/25/2014

The friendly staff and the warm and welcoming atmosphere - Celeste H. on 09/25/2014

The friendliness of the staff, the curriculum is great. - Nathan D. on 09/25/2014

The staff is wonderful, their day is well planned and organized with lots of fun activities, the open layout is great and gives us a feeling of security. Most importantly, our son loves being there and loves his teachers! - Laura C. on 09/25/2014