My children love it at Kiddie Academy, and their happiness is my #1 priority! They are learning a lot, making lots of new friends, and love their teachers! Plus, I love that I can log in and watch them throughout their day, thanks to the cameras! - Ashley C. on 06/08/2012

The staff is extremely friendly and understanding. I like that teachers know almost all of the children in the school not just their students. It also like that the facility is clean. - Christine C. on 06/08/2012

Everyone at the school is very friendly and professional. I love that my child learns so much while she is there. The staff is fantastic! - Lorena F. on 06/08/2012

The tools that my child has available to encourage and facilitate learning are the best I have seen to date. The teachers are very involved and very qualified to handle all of my childs needs. The webcam affords me piece of mind that I did not have with other daycare centers. Most of all, my child is happier at this school, than any other school she has attended. I am very happy about my childs enrollment so far at this facility. - Jesse L. on 06/08/2012

Very structured environment. Always a plan for the day and a great age-appropriate curriculum - Marsha B. on 06/07/2012

Everything. It's Amazing. - Jody D. on 06/06/2012

Very friendly, clean, and professional. - Brenda M. on 06/05/2012

We are very pleased with our daughter's education! We feel that Kiddie Academy has helped prepare her for school next year! - Amanda P. on 06/05/2012

Everything that was taught to my daughter, she retained every bit of it. I love the staff and my daughter was treated so well there. I hated to leave but I moved to Maryland to start a new job. - Jessica P. on 06/04/2012

Everything - Jennifer A. on 06/04/2012

I can rest assured knowing my child is in a clean, safe, and caring environment, where learning is fun. - Ameisa W. on 06/04/2012

very close knit family kids enjoy learning as much as playing! - Kimberly D. on 06/04/2012

We have been really happy with most of the teachers. We appreciate the extra fun events that you plan for the kids like pony rides, splash day, etc. Everyone is nice but Amy has an exceptionally warming personality and we look forward to seeing her every morning. We also like the smart boards. - Tanisia B. on 06/04/2012

The teachers are very engaged with each child and the staff is always super helpful. - Kelly C. on 06/04/2012

My 10 month old daughter gets a lot of personal attention. It shows, she is learning is advancing by leaps and bounds! - Erica T. on 06/04/2012