Parents Testimonials

Kiddie Academy has a good curriculum, teachers read to the children, take them outside, when weather permits, have special events, teach them words and conceps, and provide creative activities, as well. - Filiz C. on 09/18/2013

All of the people and teachers that work at KA Bothell are absolutely fantastic. They are so good with kids and have taught my son so much. Thank you to everyone at KA Bothell! - Brian H. on 09/18/2013

Smaller classes Emphasis on play Cheerful environment - Julie M. on 09/18/2013

Everyone knows my son by his name. The facility is clean and the staff are very nice. My son likes to go to Kiddie Academy and never puts up a fuss. When we moved here from Texas the daycare he was at put the bar high for a daycare here in Bothell. Y'all have met that bar. - Lynnea W. on 09/18/2013

My son Michael attended Kiddie Academy of Islip Terrace for both Pre-School and Pre-k. The foundation that he has going into Kindergarten this year is invaluable; The teachers and support staff at Kiddie Academy are second to none; they go above and beyond for our children and it shows in the day to day interaction and the open communication with the students and parents! I would highly recommend Kiddie Academy to anyone who is looking for Pre-School/Pre-K as well as Child care! We still utilize Kiddie Academy in the morning before school and it really starts Michael's day off in a very nice way! Thank you Kiddie Academy for keeping my mind at ease! - Cindy J. on 09/18/2013

Curriculum based Consistency Very qualified and compassionate teachers Webcams - Rov S. on 09/18/2013

I feel my children are safe, cared for, loved and are in a positive learning environment. - Christopher M. on 09/18/2013

Teachers: leads with degree Low ratios Cameras Fresh food and food menu Fun classrooms and learning environment Curriculum - Kimberly S. on 09/18/2013

I love Ms. Jo's and Ms. Kelly's VPK classroom, and couldn't be happier. The classroom is very organized and structured, and the teachers are caring and nurturing. They are obviously experienced teachers who use positive approaches to encourage the children to do well academically and socially in the classroom. I feel my daughter is safe and genuinely cared for while she is at school. The administration, including Ms. Natalie, Ms. Trish and Ms. Brandy, are also very kind, welcoming and approachable. My daughter has severe food allergies and the school takes all of the proper precautions to keep her safe. I am very, very happy at Kiddie Academy! - Shayne G. on 09/17/2013

The owners listen to me and my children's needs. I love that lunch is provided to the children. I like that many of the kid's teachers are long term employees. - Apryl S. on 09/17/2013

The staff at kiddie academy are very dedicated to the children. My boys are very happy to go their rooms and teachers every day. The staff are very loving and treat my boys as if they were their own. - Susan M. on 09/17/2013

I appreciate the education level of the staff. The diversity of the lesson plans, and that my kids are always so happy to be there. - Jill H. on 09/17/2013

The reason Kiddie Academy stands out amongst other daycare facilities is due to the educational content. The curriculum and quality teachers are just one the many reasons we send our daughter to Kiddie Academy. As a full time mom, who travels often, the ability to check in (virtually) eases my separation anxiety and reiterates my trust in the child center we have chosen. We are pleased with the nutrition implemented in the daily plans and the constant individual attention to the child's needs. When Ms. Tara said to me, "I'm ready to try potty training with Rylan if you are" I was beyond shocked. I was expecting that to be a burden to her teachers and when they were excited to help her with the process, my admiration for Kiddie Academy grew even fonder. I wouldn't send my child anywhere I wouldn't recommend my friends and family to. We would recommend Kiddie Academy to our friends, family, strangers, and neighbors - anyone who is planning to raise children. *Please remove the following if you chose to post my comments - Michelle, the only area we think Kiddie Academy could use some growth is the curriculum for Rylan. While I know Ms. Tara is implementing a new plan for Rylan, I find myself questioning if the curriculum is of value to her as she has already learned much of what is planned. I do understand this is due to lower enrollment in her age bracket and look forward to more children in her age range joining Kiddie Academy. The other bitter sweet downfall is that when she is moved to the next class, she will be moved away from Ms. Tara; whom, she (and Jeff and I) have grown to absolutely love and adore. The bond she has created with Rylan is one that won't be easily replicated! Thank you! - Dana C. on 09/17/2013

Staff to daily routines. - Roberta R. on 09/17/2013

Kiddie Academy is an essential part of my daughter's preparation for kindergarten. She is born after the 8/31 cut-off for kindergarten, and what she's learn from KA really gave her the foundation for kindergarten. The staff are so great with our daughter, friendly and always keeping us involved. The webcame feature is the best since we always know where our daughter is after AM kindergarten. Thanks for all you have done to help our daughter in her early years. - Justin T. on 09/17/2013