Caring staff, clean facility, educationally sound. We are so glad we switched to KA! - Nancy B. on 02/17/2012

Friendly and reliable - Amy E. on 02/17/2012

I love that there is structure, but it's flexible for special events or weather. I love how my son finds it fun to learn and he's exposed to a variety of activities and ages when they mix classes for special events or playground time. I think it's good to mainly be with your own class but it's also very beneficial to have time with other age groups. - Sharon B. on 02/17/2012

the teachers are very caring and they have learned to art of multi tasking with more than 2 kids!!!! also it seems like that they are there for the childs development and education and not just there because its a job. - Crystal B. on 02/17/2012

I love how they make my child feel special and at home. - Jennifer H. on 02/17/2012

I tell people who are looking for child care about kiddie academy. I love that there is onsite cook, webcams, great teachers and it is very clean. My kids have learned so much - Larae M. on 02/16/2012

We like the genuine warmth and compassion from the staff. They are truly invested in our kids. We love the fact that they provide the breakfast and lunches also. Quite a time-saver at home. - Christine B. on 02/16/2012

Teachers are excellent which makes the educational experience excellent. The entire staff is caring tireless and cater to all of the childrens' needs and also to the parents needs. Parents can leave their kids at this child care center without having to think twice of whether or not they are in good hands. My child has learned so much at this center and it is due to the teachers who make a huge effort to aid in all of the manners and discipline and the fun that these kids have. Music and Spanish have also been a hit with kids. Both of my kids have go.e to Kiddie academy of collegeville. And both have loved it. It is also a place which is most welcoming. You walk in and are greeted by big smiles and hellos. I would highly recommend this center for your kids! - Saira M. on 02/16/2012

Everyone at KA really seems to genuinely care about the children and it shows. - Mike R. on 02/16/2012

I love how kind and friendly everyone is there and I love the infant care and individual attention that my baby gets from Miss Pat and Miss Carole as well as all the supporting teachers. They are all so wonderful. I also think Jen is doing great things with the school as the owner and is so nice and personable. She goes above and beyond to make Kiddie Academy a special place and a happy place for kids to be. - Kristin T. on 02/16/2012

Great staff! Everyone is always open to listen to suggestions and you are very flexible with family requests. - Sandy C. on 02/16/2012

All of the teachers at Kiddie Academy are friendly and warm. You can tell they care about all the kids they interact with. - Melissa T. on 02/16/2012

Professionalism and friendliness of staff - Ebony P. on 02/16/2012

Great teachers, solid curriculum, environment that fosters learning, discipline, and fun. - Lauren M. on 02/16/2012

Fabulous teachers who are geniunely interested in my daughter and her education. It is such a great feeling to see your child happy to see their teachers every morning. - Amanda F. on 02/16/2012