Parents Testimonials

The watch me grow cameras - Theresa P. on 09/23/2013

Teachers are kind and caring. My daughter seams to be happy at school. She plays the way I could tell she is learning new things daily. - Tatiana C. on 09/23/2013

Kiddie Academy does a good job of making sure the children are engaged. It is not a place where the kids are dropped off, ignored, or told to find something to keep themselves busy. There is learning, interaction, playing, and love...all very important aspects of what I want my child to have during the day. As a full time mom who can't be with my daughter during the week, I appreciate the fact that she gets cared for and treated so well by the staff and teachers at Kiddie Academy. - Katie T. on 09/23/2013

Very attentive to each individual child's need. my 19 months old daughter comes home wanting to sing songs and read books; its amazing. - Diane V. on 09/23/2013

The staff very obviously loves to work with children, so much so that even the children know it. - Harisha R. on 09/23/2013

Educational philosophy Friendly and caring staff Clean facility Webcams - Huong (Lisa) T. on 09/23/2013

attention to my kids, nurturing, educating, structure and creative thinking. - Jon & Kimberly N. on 09/23/2013

The atmosphere is always great, my kids look forward to attending every day. - Michelle A. on 09/22/2013

I love the educational care that children receive. I love how the curriculum is developmental appropriate. - Stacy P. on 09/22/2013

The amount if interaction my child gets with others. - Casey J. on 09/21/2013

This place is GREAT!!!!!! Wonderfully clean and safe. My son is so much better off since enrolling. He is happy and learning each day. The staff is FANTASTIC....knowledgeable, friendly, and most important CARING!!!!! I am SO HAPPY my son is in school at Kiddie Academy and would, AND HAVE, recommended it to all families with small children. - Jerry K. on 09/21/2013

The peole and the facility...lesson plans and the daily report card, wish it was in email instead of paper. - Cliff R. on 09/20/2013

My daughter loves coming to learn & I see a huge improvement in her learning level. The staff is very friendly & I like how secure the facility is. - Misty H. on 09/20/2013

From day one the teachers and administrators at Kiddie Academy of Langhorne have gone out of their way to greet my daughter by name. She is not just one out of many kids going through the building. She is an individual with her own personality and they have made a point to get to know her and make her feel at home. I have heard stories about parents having a hard time dropping their children off at school or daycare because the child wants to be home. I have had the opposite, my daughter hates to leave. - Bonnie F. on 09/19/2013

Every teacher in the school knows my son. He seems to enjoy being there. - Jennifer B. on 09/18/2013