Parents Testimonials

The teachers/staff are great, facility is extrememly clean and they offer a wide variety of programs (soccer, dance class, ect) - Rebecca B. on 04/10/2014

Safe and clean environment for my child! People are professional and kind. - Jill N. on 04/10/2014

Vegetarian meals that are healthy Bright sunny colorful rooms Extremely clean The playground has new equipment and the flooring is soft Daily walks twice a day. Nice path into a safe neighborhood Date night option- although I haven't been able to make it for a while I like the curriculum with a focus on manners Kindermuzik and Kinderdance options, splashday, many crafts When she is in class regularly, she learns so much. It's really amazing how well the teachers work with her. It's close to my work Michelle collects cell phones at the door - Susan M. on 04/10/2014

We are very pleased with the teachers and staff! - Sara B. on 04/10/2014

My son is learning more at the Kiddie Acadamy than he is in his half-day Kindergarten. He loves going to the Kiddie Acadamy and tells me that is the best part of his day. - Jennifer S. on 04/10/2014

Good teachers - Karunakar M. on 04/10/2014

All of the teachers and staff have been friendly and attentive to my daughter's needs. The staff members greet her by name in the morning and personalize their goodbye to her in the evening. The webcams provide me with peace of mind that I am able to check in on my daughter at any time. The extra activities offered by the center are a great way to help my daughter's developmental skills. My daughter is often singing the songs that she learned at daycare at home. She has learned so much more than we could have expected. She surprises us everyday with what she has learned at Kiddie Academy! - Laura L. on 04/10/2014

1. Very professional staff 2. Good and age appropriate teaching 3. Teachers are good in giving feedback about the Kid to to parents 4. Password safe entry is awesome 5. Biggest reason is: I feel secure and comfortable when I can watch my own kid: camera is stationary but good - Ena S. on 04/10/2014

Safe friendly environment. Taylored to each child's specific academic need. - Ashley P. on 04/10/2014

The cameras are my favorite part. I'm able to log in and see my daughter daily. - Erin A. on 04/10/2014

My son goes before and after school to Kiddie Academy and he LOVES it. They have so many extra curricular activites, that he's never bored. The teachers are great with kids and I couldn't ask for a better day care! - Janie V. on 04/10/2014

The attention to detail is wonderful. I also enjoy the variety of activities for school age kids. The staff is always willing to listen to feedback. - Kim B. on 04/10/2014

I LOVE everything. I love relationships that the staff has with the children & their family, the curriculum, the technology, and the new Tadpole system. - Jessica S. on 04/09/2014

Caring and patient teachers Provides variety of activities pertaining to age group Learning environment Meals - tailors to allergies Clean facility Webcams - Huong (Lisa) T. on 04/09/2014

Friendly, student activity centered. - Lauren K. on 04/08/2014