My daughter is learning things far beyond what I thought she would for her age. - Valonda C. on 05/29/2012

I feel my children are well rounded due to the curriculum that Kiddie Academy provides. They are happier around the other children and staff. They always come home and tell me something exciting that they did or learned that day. As a parent it is very important to me that my children are happy and have the ability to learn more than what they would just being at home. - Courtney C. on 05/28/2012

Awesome teachers who really care about our kids. Its not just a job to many of them. Just wish the turnover was less! - Jody C. on 05/28/2012

Teachers are very approachable and are available to chat about my child candidly. The director and administrative staff are very easy to talk to and work with us, the parents, so as to create the best educational environment for our child. The projects and learning environment are great (and I can see this with my own eyes as I check in on the video camera that allows me to see my daughter in her classroom. - Kristen D. on 05/28/2012

that the education is happening early in child development - Jen B. on 05/28/2012

Variety of different activities. The teachers provide excellent services. - Katie K. on 05/28/2012

The teachers (regular and floating) are very patient and caring with the children and are fabulous at using all activities as learning opportunities. The children are learning a lot very quickly and have fun doing it. I wish there were more arts related activities (music, dance, etc) but the teachers do try to bridge that gap by singing songs in the classroom. Most of the rooms are large and airy which makes for a happier environment. This is especially good for inclement weather when the children can't go outside and must play in them all day. (Curious why are you only asking for positive (like) feedback in the survey and don't ask for things that are possibly not liked?) - Diane S. on 05/28/2012

The communication & flexibility. - Kathryn M. on 05/28/2012

The staff of course. - Kathy S. on 05/28/2012

The staff is friendly and understanding, the food is healthy and diverse and the playground facilities are great. - Sarah N. on 05/28/2012

Teachers and procedures - R. Ted M. on 05/28/2012

The teachers are wonderful and the security is good. - Yvette H. on 05/28/2012

I really like the energy of the teachers we've had. They have each seemed eager for our kids to learn (not just be watched). Their creativity shows in coming up with fun and interesting ways to reach the kids on their level. From the smart boards to the classroom centers, my kids have enjoyed using all of Kiddie Academy's resources. I have no doubt of their readiness for kindergarten. - Michelle Y. on 05/28/2012

Everyone is very friendly and professional. The teachers are all loving and caring and help my child feel welcome and that they're excited to see him and spend time with him every day. It's a huge relief for me to know that he's well cared for, happy and healthy while I'm at work. - Ann-Marie H. on 05/28/2012

Great approach to teachIng, very happy with progress of my child - Ameet (AJ) B. on 05/28/2012