Parents Testimonials

Ella has been at KA since she was 13 weeks old and is now almost 3 1/2. She looks forwards to going every day to learn, have fun and play with her friends. Every afternoon when I pick her up we discuss how her day was and what she did. She is always referencing her teachers and how they taught her to do something, whom she played with and what activities she did throughout the day. Ella gets the personalized attention that my husband and I were looking for in a child care provider and we are thrilled to continue Ella's education/development at Kiddie Academy of Lakewood Ranch! - Kristen B. on 11/11/2014

This is an awesome preschool and daycare that I highly recommend to anyone in need of child care! Kiddie Academy's security, technology, and curriculum is simply unparalleled to any other center around. The webcam is a priceless peace of mind that I tune into daily and couldn't live without! The owner and director are deeply engaged in all aspects of the center, and extremely responsive to any parental requests. The teachers are very caring and nurturing, and ensure the children are having FUN, and learning something new in their very creative curriculum every day! Kiddie Academy has simply made me very happy and has enriched my children's lives! Thank you Kiddie Academy staff for all that you do each and every day in caring for my children, and me sometimes too :) !! - Marlo C. on 11/11/2014

My daughters really enjoy attending Kiddie Academy! They love the teachers and the environment. My daughter loves playing educational games on the the computer and Smartboard. I really enjoy the extracurricular activities they offer like ballet, karate, etc. As a working mom, it is not always possible for my daughters to attend classes at other facilities. My daughter is able to attend Ballet class at 4:30 and I am able to login to the video system and watch her class. Everyone is HAPPY!!! - Vanessa T. on 11/11/2014

I like the fact that my son comes home very happy every day he enjoys going to school, he has been learning a lot.....the staff is great and i can seen my child whenever i want to via webcam. - Avanti T. on 11/11/2014

Friendly workers and very interactive with my son. - Stacy E. on 11/11/2014

I love the personalized care that my child receives. I love to hear stories everyday about what he has done and I love to keep tabs on his activities through Tadpoles. The teachers and staff are amazing and they feel like my own family. - Lindsey Z. on 11/11/2014

Kiddie Academy is more than a daycare or a preschool, it's like an extended family. Never thought we'd find this kind of personal care in a bigger center, but we did! - Beth L. on 11/11/2014

They are committed to providing exceptional child care. - Qiana J. on 11/11/2014

I like everything. - Veronica G. on 11/10/2014

The well trained staff. It's evident that they focus on academics because our son shares what he learns. - Dustin C. on 11/10/2014

I love the classroom curriculum as well as the classrooms themselves. The center teaches the kids starting at a young age. They have different themes and ideas for learning. My son seems to be doing very well with his growth and I have been very happy with the center. The only concern I would have is the transition to new classroom however thus might just be more difficult for my sensitive son! - Susan M. on 11/10/2014

My son loves it there!! The teachers are great and he is learning so much. - Chelsea J. on 11/10/2014

Amazing staff, ability to check on my child online, learning atmosphere, my daughters caregivers - Jennie F. on 11/10/2014

I love the teachers and how well they keep track of her and teach her things. I love the sercurity of the schook too. - Jessica D. on 11/10/2014

The staff is amazing and does an excellent job educating our kids. The director is always around and willing to answer a question and is very accommodating. There isn't much that I don't like about the facility. I also love, love, love getting pictures and videos of our daughter on the days when the assistant teacher, miss Daniella is in the room. She is fantastic! - Jennifer D. on 11/10/2014