Parents Testimonials

Flexibility, educational component and caring staff. - Cory R. on 08/16/2013

friendly environment, teachers and safe place. - Yang Z. on 08/16/2013

HEalthy Food, Nice Teachers - Rajesh S. on 08/16/2013

The curriculum and the staff are wonderful. - Renuka P. on 08/16/2013

It's great that even the teachers in the infant rooms have the infants participate in art projects, songs and storytime. It would be even better if the teachers taught the infants sign. - Jennifer R. on 08/15/2013

The teachers are caring toward our daughter and friendly toward us. The administrators are very responsive and do a good job of not getting defensive when parents request changes. The facilities are sparkly and clean. The location is fantastic. Really though--The frontline staff is the most important, and in our experiences, they all seem to be excellent. I think one of the challenges for the facility moving forward will be to maintain the ability to attract high quality teachers. - Emily C. on 08/15/2013

The care, support, great acitvities and clean facility. My baby is well taken care of. - Nikita D. on 08/15/2013

Pretty much everything: from the security and cleanliness to the curriculum and staff! They do an awesome job taking care of my babies! - Jessica M. on 08/15/2013

It's a very welcoming environment and a beautiful facility. I also like that the owners are so involved and the teachers seem personally invested in the children and their success. - Rochelle S. on 08/15/2013

clean environment, kids safe materials to play outside, teachers are professionals, kind. - Srivalli K. on 08/15/2013

The lead teacher is the infant room is great with my daughter and all the children. I also like that the ratio of teacher to students was kept low as promised during enrollment. - Robyn R. on 08/15/2013

Teachers,cleanliness,large class rooms, Security, Cameras - Jaikumar P. on 08/14/2013

This is what I posted in my Google Review: My daughter was one of the first students at Kiddie Academy once it opened this spring. She was 3 and a half when she started, and just turned 4, and I have to say I could not be happier. My 7 year old son also attends, during the school year for their before school program, and during the summer for their camp/daycare program. Since the school is still new, and since there were not a lot of older kids there, I was a little worried about how my 7 year old would handle being there. The teachers and director have been awesome in their way of including him, and put his skills to great use during the time when there are mixed-age kids all together. (For example, he really loves to read, so he reads out loud to some of the younger kids in the mornings, and he feels like he is being helpful while also getting to do something he loves to do) My daughter had been in an excellent 1/2 day school prior to coming to KA, but I really needed her to be in a full day program so that I could work. I am thrilled with the new knowledge she comes home with every day! Considering where she is with her phonemic awareness, I have no doubt that she will be reading before entering Kindergarten in another year. The teachers so far have been absolutely wonderful and very communicative. My daughter had a bit of a hard time transitioning to full-time daycare (for example, napping with other kids in the room and missing her teacher from her previous school), but the teachers did great at transitioning her and now she doesn't want to come home in the evenings! As for the facilities, it is a spectacular new school. There are playground areas for ages through elementary school, an indoor play area for rainy days, age-appropriate classrooms for infants through elementary school, a library, and more. The before and after school room for older kids has places for them to do school work if they need to, age-appropraite toys, and a smart board. The rooms - Lynne G. on 08/14/2013

So far it is only summertime but I love how the children read, play games and enjoy being outside. I also love how they receive detailed progress reports at the end of each day! - Tamesha M. on 08/14/2013

Teachers are hands on with students and work with them - Octovia S. on 08/13/2013