I am extremely impressed with the consistency with the curriculum,even with the younger classes. The teachers, even beyond the lead teachers, are professional and attentive to needs and special requests. The owner and director have made themselves available at all times, and are also attentive to individual needs, without taking away from the group dynamic. I am very happy with Kiddie academy. - Jeff C. on 10/04/2011

stability, dedication, and quality of teaching staff - Jennifer S. on 10/04/2011

The time that the teachers commit to the kids is phenomenal. Academically, my child is leaps and bounds beyond many of his peers who do not attend Kiddie Academy. - Dawn B. on 10/04/2011

Friendly environment - Piyush P. on 10/04/2011

I like how friendly and helpful all staff have been as my daughter transitioned into day care. Classroom teachers are very approachable and were very supportive as my daughter got use to Kiddie Academy. I love the daily reports about what they are learning so I can ask questions at how and reinforce the same skills. Also, support for developmental skills has been wonderful (using utensils, potty training, etc). - Annie S. on 10/04/2011

Respected suggestions and flexible learning for all students - Sarah M. on 10/04/2011

I like the visibility of the owner and director. My concerns or needs are met as soon as possible. Not the case with other day care organizations. My child is very happy there, and looks forward to attending each day. - Lisa H. on 10/04/2011

I like the flexibility of part-time, and my son really seems to enjoy his time here. - Jeffrey R. on 10/04/2011

Overall the daycare is a wonderful place and provides excellent educational environment for young children and babies. The thing I would improvement is the communicatation of the goals and educational of the children to the parents. I feel that I need to always asked about the goals for my child. I feel her current teachers are not providing strong enough communications to us on how we can improve her learning. The place is always clean, bright and filled with wonderful teachers and staff to welcome your children. - Debra J. on 10/04/2011

The staff is caring. Trish and Jen are flexible and understanding of individual needs of the parents and children. The teachers educate the "whole" child and really try to learn your child's individual strengths and needs. I have recommended Kiddie Academy to all of my friends. It is the best child care program in the Horsham/North Wales/Willow Grove area. My husband and I have looked at 10 of them and Kiddie Academy of Horsham is the best. - Lachele V. on 10/04/2011

The atmosphere is one of caring, interaction, and engagement for all children. You can tell that the goals are shared throughout all of the classrooms, from the youngest to the oldest children. - Christina K. on 10/04/2011

You provide the lunch and snacks which save a lot of time for us especially when both parents are working. The teachers in the class are very kind and they are trained well. - Ye L. on 10/04/2011

I really like that Cassidee has only been in school for a few short weeks and she is excited to learn how to write her letters. We practice every night. - Dawn M. on 10/04/2011

Warm and friendly enviornment. - Robyn O. on 10/04/2011

Everyday my child comes home with new songs and new skills. It really amazes me the depth of info that the KA teachers are able to teach my toddler. - Kimberly S. on 10/04/2011