Parents Testimonials

I like that there are actual lesson plans and they are shared with the parents. The daily sheets are another great way to stay up to date on my kids days. - Randi G. on 02/21/2013

I like the structure. I like how they are being taught just like in a school environment but they also make it fun for the kids at the same time. All the teachers and management are very personable and easy to talk to. I also like how the teachers really sit down and interact with all the kids. They don't just supervise the kids they really get involved in what they are doing. I enjoy seeing the teachers sitting at the table and either drawing or playing a game (like bingo) with the kids when I drop off or pick up. - Camille S. on 02/21/2013

Everyone is so friendly, helpful and easy to work with. My son gets excited when we are driving to the school and he recognizes the school. It's obvious he's learning things at school and he enjoys it. - Jill G. on 02/21/2013

Over the past 2 years I have seen my son's progress as a young child and I am quite proud. Nice work. - Lawrence S. on 02/21/2013

My two girls have been attending the academy for a few years now , and everything has been great , very professional and reliable ! Great management and staff! Thanks! - Olivia P. on 02/21/2013

My son is an infant so no educational services have been given - Rohan S. on 02/19/2013

Kiddie academy has a great curriculum and the staff is very interactive with all the children. - Debbie G. on 02/19/2013

The teachers and staff are very kind, caring and attentive. It is a warm and welcoming school centered around creating a positive learning environment both academically and socially. - Christine C. on 02/19/2013

They do more then just watch the kids throughout the day.. you actively are education them and I see more progress in my 2 year old then I did w/ my son when he was at the same age and in a different daycare. - Christine K. on 02/19/2013

Teachers are very sweet but at the same time firm with the kids. They teach the kids how to be respectful and the kids still love them. Facilities are new and well kept. - Christina A. on 02/19/2013

I love the schedule and structure of Kiddie Academy. - Michelle S. on 02/19/2013

great hours, great with staff, most of the time keeps up communication. most expensive in town though. - Cynthia L. on 02/19/2013

I have been very happy with Kiddie Academy in Farmingdale and feel comfortable that my son will be in good hands while I'm at work. The center has a caring and friendly staff. The director and teachers are in tune to each child's needs and development. Each month, there are different fun themed activities. My son enjoys attending each day and playing with his new friedns. I feel this is a quality daycare and a worthwhile investment. - Aiko W. on 02/19/2013

The staff are all very warm and caring. Every person knows my child, even if not her room teacher. - Anna T. on 02/19/2013

I feel that Kiddie Academy is more than jsut a daycare. They teach the children from day one. The babies are not just there to play and grow. They are really learning. My son is where he is today because of the wonderful care he receives at Kiddie Academy. - Allison S. on 02/19/2013