Parents Testimonials

Friendly, caring and knowledgable staff Child centered building and teachers Clean building Accommodating to family's individual needs - Shannon C. on 01/30/2013

I like that the student to teacher ratio is slightly lower at Kiddie Academy than at other child care centers. When I walk into my daughter's 2 year old room to pick her up at the end of the day I'm always surprised to find a calm, orderly classroom where the kids are playing nicely and their teacher, Ms. Maggie, is interacting with them. Has she cast a spell on them, I wonder? Am I in the right room? These are 2 year olds, are they not? It makes me feel so good to see that my daughter's 2 year old classroom is under control and that she's happy. Our family couldn't be happier with the choice we made to send her to Kiddie Academy. Having had experience working in child care myself, I was more than skeptical and more than picky when it came to enrolling my own daughter. Fortunately, a friend of mine (and child care administrator) recommended Kiddie Academy and after a tour with the owner, Ted, I was relieved and excited to know without a doubt, that I had found the perfect place and the perfect people to care for my daughter. - Jess F. on 01/29/2013

there helping me teach him new things, how to eat, to be nice, sign language and so much more.. - Danielle W. on 01/28/2013

Teachers are nice, gentle and respect kids very well, there are projects everyday, and keep kids busy and learning new stuffs. - Betty M. on 01/28/2013

friendly staff, informative about child status each day, cameras. - Melissa V. on 01/28/2013

The staff is friendly and caring and my kids love it there. The director is always willing to work with us when we need to make adjustments to our schedule and I feel as though our business is appreciated which can be hard to come by. Some of the teachers we have met over the years feel like family. - Valerie L. on 01/28/2013

Educational value and the awesome staff. - Lexie G. on 01/28/2013

The day care providers are all caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. I always enjoy the little extras such as the recent year in review books!! - Stacey K. on 01/28/2013

The pesonlization with the children from the teachers - Edward S. on 01/28/2013

It is very clean and safe. My children seem to love their teachers and are happy when I come to get them. - Laurie G. on 01/28/2013

That you have really nice teacher that my kids feel soo happy to b there - Ericka R. on 01/28/2013

I really like the fact that all the staff are professional, friendly, accomodating and so positive all the time. Thank you! - Jane C. on 01/28/2013

Attention and committment to celebrating families! Kiddie Academy goes above and beyond the professionalism and dedication of their staff and a stellar curriculum. My reason for recommending Kiddie Academy to my neighbors and friends is that they treat everyone as part of their own family. Their doors do not close as other centers (6-6), Kiddie Academy offers workshops, family events, socials, thematic parties, etc. beyond their regular hours. - Joanne T. on 01/26/2013

Have a lot of fun during learning - Lina M. on 01/26/2013

I like that it is educational child care. The teachers have all been great that have worked with my sons. They are also very accommodating to teacher schedules which is extremely helpful for my family. - Kate P. on 01/26/2013