Parents Testimonials

I have gotten the impression that the staff cares very much about the students. I also like to see the fun activities that my child gets to experience. - Katie S. on 11/13/2012

We like the student body diversity, variety of creative and interactive teaching activities, and the intellectual stimulation provided in a fun environment. The teachers seem very caring and take the time to make our children feel welcome and special. - Michelle P. on 11/13/2012

The teacher/child interaction is high quality and always improving. Our daughter loves going to "school." The educational aspect is beyond our expectations for a child care learning center. We are very comfortable having our daughter attend this center as it provides more opportunity than we could provide staying at home. - April H. on 11/13/2012

caring, nurturing environment. All teachers know the kids and parents. - Marissa E. on 11/13/2012

We like the exceptional care Kiddie Academy provides our daugher each and every day. There is always a structured activity in the classroom and learning happens every day. Our daughter especially enjoys music and Spanish.we have watched our daughters development increase by leaps and bounds in the time she has been here. - Libby S. on 11/13/2012

Since Ted and Hilda have started running Kiddie Academy, the entire team over there seems happier. When you have engaged associates it is reflected in the quality of work that they provide. My son is excited to go to school everyday and loves his teacher so much. He learns so much everyday that I can't keep up and he surprises me all the time! - Stephanie L. on 11/13/2012

I love the kind teachers and gentle approach they have with the children. I also love that the teachers write a summary of what the class does each day. - Erin K. on 11/12/2012

The teachers are wonderful! The school is clean and cheerful! My daughter feels comfortable and happy at school! She is learning so much! - Trish I. on 11/12/2012

I like the teachers and their involvement with the children and all of the educational activities that the children do. - Beth H. on 11/12/2012

Very pleased with socialization skills develpment as well as a diverse world view at the school. Also pleased with teachers understanding of our son's development and adjustment of curriculum accordingly. - Max M. on 11/12/2012

I like that the facility is about education and not simply daycare. Sophia took time to adjust and the staff did what they could to help her get comfortable with her new routine/program. The entire staff seems to know Sophia. The administration knows Deana and I when we come to drop off or pick up Sophia. This shows that she is more than a number in their facility. I have seen Sophia grow academically and socially in the short time she has been enrolled in Kiddie Academy. I look for her to continue to grow as they continue their work with her. - Chris S. on 11/12/2012

Staff is very friendly and my child loves to go learn and play at KAW! My son comes home every night talking about something new he did at KAW! - Kathryn W. on 11/12/2012

Good lesson plans. The attention that our children receive from their teachers. Being among the diverse group of children; they learn a lot about other cultures as well. - Shilpi N. on 11/12/2012

Support and enthusiasm of the staff. Curriculum utilized.. - Susan O. on 11/12/2012

I like the consistency, open communication and how much our children learn on a daily basis. - Stacy M. on 11/12/2012