Parents Testimonials

The curriculum has taught my son SO much along with his wonderful teacher who provides a great one on one relationship with him. Super friendly staff :-) - Mallory P. on 03/17/2014

Personal one on one interaction with instructors especially at younger age (less than 2 yrs old) Curriculum based child care Webcams Clean - Rov S. on 03/17/2014

Everything, there is nothing I've been disappointed with in the 3 yrs my son has been attending - Agustina M. on 03/17/2014

I feel my child is safe and secure in the facility, which is also clean and well managed. In addition, my child has shown enormous academic growth in the past year! - Danielle T. on 03/17/2014

They're lots of quality staff members who are dedicated to the children's learning and well-being. I'm concerned that some aspects of cost is rising, and certain things are pricier at KA compared to surround childcare centers. Please keep up the good work and thank you. - Justin T. on 03/17/2014

The teachers and staff have all been wonderful! - Stephanie M. on 03/17/2014

Kiddie Academy provides a very warm, loving environment that makes me feel very comfortable with leaving my son there. He learns so much every day, in a very fun way. - Adrienne L. on 03/17/2014

We love the security, communication about daily curriculum, and LOVE the new Tadpoles system that electronically gives us daily reports on our son's progress. - Emily M. on 03/17/2014

My daughter is always excited to be at your facility, the staff are friendly, upbeat, and seen to understand the children. - Jennifer R. on 03/16/2014

Smart boards, computer interaction, projects that incorporate learning and play. - Misty M. on 03/16/2014

Everyone is very friendly and professional. - Lola H. on 03/15/2014

Great atmosphere! - Sarah M. on 03/15/2014

The hands on learning approach and the focus on character building is the best thing about your educational approach. - Hailey D. on 03/15/2014

We really love the quality of the teachers and the one on one attention! - January L. on 03/14/2014

Staff and owners go above and beyond in every aspect. Learning tools are state of the art. Compassionate, caring & professional are words that come to mind immediately to describe the owners and staff. I highly recommend Kiddie Academy.....kudos to Kathy and Pam!!!! - Michael C. on 03/14/2014