Parents Testimonials

Staff is wonderful And I LOVE the new ipad updates and photos. It makes me feel like my daughter is with family. - Dawn N. on 03/12/2014

The owner and teachers know my son by name. The owner and director stop working in the office every day when we are leaving, to tell me how my son did. They share interactions they had with him which tells me they are in and out of his room, checking on him throughout the day. They have taught me how to help my toddler make good choices and all of the staff truly care about our family. They provide excellent service, above and beyond many other local daycare locations we visited before joining Kiddie Academy. And, the cameras are "the icing on the cake". - Christine B. on 03/12/2014

Teachers are not just teachers they are my kids friends as well. Very nice people. - Diana N. on 03/12/2014

Their dedication to my child and the level of caring that is provided as well as their attention to detail is unparalleled. I trust them completely with the care of my child and that is something almost impossible to come by. - Stephanie M. on 03/12/2014

My son had a tough time adjusting to his new daycare. Everyone at kiddie academy Webster are helpful & knowledgeable. He LOVES going to daycare!!! He is achieving so many more milestones now! - Shanon G. on 03/11/2014

I am relieved knowing that my daughter is getting the educational attention she needs and deserves. The curriculum used by Kiddie Academy meets the diverse range of learners. In addition, teachers strive to provide additional support and activities not only to struggling learners but also to students who have mastered the content in the classroom as well. - Nicole S. on 03/11/2014

My daughter loves her teachers. She is excited to see them everyday. It is very clear that she loves Kiddie Academy because she wants to stay and play at pick-up time. - Erica T. on 03/11/2014

I like how they have meals for the children. I also like the staff very nice people, and i like their pretzel days and free coffee. - Jessica S. on 03/11/2014

The core values and curriculum and of course the wonderful staff. Always upbeat and helpful. - Katherine H. on 03/11/2014

I like that kiddie academy takes time for each child's needs - Yeisemy R. on 03/11/2014

Incredible teaching staff, always very friendly! - Michaelle F. on 03/11/2014

Kiddie Academy appears to be very on top of all the latest reports when it concerns the children. We love how each class has a set plan each day and that we as parents receive feedback and updates on a consistent basis. - Courtney K. on 03/11/2014

The friendly staff, the cleanliness of the facility, the open floor plan. - Brynne M. on 03/11/2014

Mona and her staff are always looking for ways to improve the curriculum for the children and are always exceeding expectations. My daughter loves her class and her teachers and can’t wait to go to school every day. Having such high quality care available makes it easier to be a working parent. - Veronica Y. on 03/11/2014

Excellent staff, teachers, schedule for before/after school care. Facilities are clean. - Lindsay C. on 03/11/2014