Parents Testimonials

They are very clean and very caring. I thank all the people at the Farmingdale for being so good at what they do, my baby boy loves going there. - Lucia N. on 10/27/2012

I like that the teachers and director know us and our baby by name and they listen to us so closely when we talk about the babys needs, habits, troubles, etc. Whenever we say he needs to work on tummy time, or learning to sleep in the crib without being rocked/soothed, or fed earlier than normal, etc., the teachers are totally on top of our requests. Plus they are very affectionate and caring people. We feel comfortable that they will pay attention to the baby throughout the day. We love this group! - Amy S. on 10/27/2012

The teachers and staff go out of their way to make every child feel special and important. It's not just your average daycare. My boys have leaned so much since starting there only a few months ago. They love it so much they ask to go there on the weekends! - Lorelle R. on 10/27/2012

The program, the teachers and staff, the curriculum, and even the daily menu. - Christin R. on 10/27/2012

Attentive staff. - Kathia D. on 10/27/2012

Good communication with director and teachers. I like the fun and educational activities my child takes part in. I like the daily report out sheets. I like the location, new facilities and outdoor playground. I love the fact there is an indoor gym for cold/rainy days. - Jennifer S. on 10/27/2012

Everyone is very friendly. The school is very clean. My son I feel has been learning a lot from his school. - Christine B. on 10/27/2012

The staff is very loving and caring with my children. My girls have learned a lot from Kiddie Academy. My daughter, Isabella, and noe my daughter, Annabelle, have growm a great deal both mentally and emotionally while at Kiddie Academy. - Jennifer G. on 10/26/2012

The staff is the best. Everyone is great with our daughter. The itinerary is age appropriate and Layla has learned so much since we started with Kiddie Academy less than a year ago. Layla loves it and looks forward to seeing her friends and her teachers. As a parent I am comforted to know I can log on and see what she is doing. Best investment! - Plun S. on 10/26/2012

Everything ! From doing arts and crafts to story time and snack time . I love how they are with my son and make sure I know everything he's done and ate and enjoyed . Great daycare - Giovanna A. on 10/26/2012

The teachers are attentive to my child's needs and clearly care about her a great deal. Even teachers who are not assigned to her room know who she is and are happy to see her every day. The director, Jackie, is extremely proud of the school and excellent about communicating with parents. It's a wonderful place! - Anna T. on 10/26/2012

I love how my son learned how to write his name very quickly and he can spell a number of words. - Pattie L. on 10/26/2012

Staff are always happy and welcoming. Teachers provide individualized care for child and follow through with any specific instructions given - Kristin P. on 10/25/2012

I like the individual attention my child receives. I feel like the staff genuinely cares about him and our family. I really like the fact that everyone at the facility, even those that are not his direct teachers, know his name and talk to him. I like being able to watch him on the cameras throughout the day and I appreciate the fact that the daycare provides structure and educational stimulation. - April D. on 10/24/2012

Very clean, the teachers are caring. My son is happy there because of your engaging programs. - Betsy D. on 10/24/2012