Parents Testimonials

I love the specialized attention and the overall learning my child receives. Going to school is the favorite part of the week, which puts me at ease leaving him there. I also appreciate how great the staff is there. - Jennifer M. on 10/28/2011

Even though they have had some changes....I have never felt that my daughter was not getting great care. The new director Tracy has always been helpful whenever I had a question. We plan on staying with Kiddie Academy through elementary school. - Christine S. on 10/27/2011

Luke has/is learning a lot. Kiddie Academy is not just a place I drop my son off while I work rather it feels almost like a school! There is always someting educational going on for my son in his class from what I see. It is a ggod feeling to know he is learning and not just being "watched." - Robin L. on 10/27/2011

I love that I do not worry about my daughter while she is at Kiddie Academy. I know she is in a classroom with friends that she has fun with and teachers that are very caring and nurturing. I also love the feedback I get from the teachers each day so that we can stay informed at home and use similar words with her. - Ashley M. on 10/27/2011

The teachers are terrific - lots of learning. The hours are great. Good food is provided. There is a webcam for watching the children. The only things I'd change right now would be to add webcams to the playgrounds where they are missing so we could see the two's and three's for the many hours they play outside each day, and to encourage more frequent hand washing, especially now that cold and flu season is here. - Diane S. on 10/27/2011

I like the structure of the assignments and the way the classes are conducted. I feel my children get a very good idea of what it will be like for them in a classroom setting once they move up from kiddie academy and on to kindergarten. I appreciate all that you do for me and my family and I Thank You for helping my children grow in a positive way. - Courtney C. on 10/27/2011

The teachers are very loving patient and caring You can tell they love children - Beatriz G. on 10/27/2011

I love Miss Suzette expecially and have liked many of the teachers, I like that the children do activities in the class like painting and other arts, I like being to check on my child anytime of day with the webcam, and I feel like my child is in a safe environment. - Laura M. on 10/26/2011

We love Ms Evie & Ms Nadia. The owners are extremely helpful, positive & professional. I love how friendly the staff is when we enter & exit the building. The classrooms & center are always clean, bright, kid friendly & educational. - Tiffany B. on 10/26/2011

clean, friendly, competent owners and staff - Lynn S. on 10/26/2011

Kind, caring, and loving atmosphere for our little one! - Sally W. on 10/25/2011

I love Kiddie Academy! The teachers are great, everyone seems to know my child (in a positive way!). They do all sorts of arts and crafts and teach them a lot. She comes home and says and does stuff that just amazes me! She interacts great with her friends. It's just a great environment. I'm really glad we picked them. We did visit others in the area and we liked Kiddie Academy the best. So far they haven't disappointed! - Kerry W. on 10/21/2011

Your services are very comprehensive, caring, nurturing, varied, academic, artistic, and complete. Our 4-year-old will graduate from your VPK program next year, our 2-year-old started school with you this year, and our soon-to-be-newborn will follow in his older sister's and brother's steps as well. We cannot be happier with our investment, and the friends we have made at Kiddie Academy. - Alejandro H. on 10/21/2011

I like how they have prepared our children for kindergarden. the education that has been provided has been a great building block - Dawn M. on 10/21/2011

My child consistently surprises me with things he's learned in school. Just yesterday, out of nowhere, he started counting to ten in Spanish (loudly), in the grocery store! I am very impressed by the professionalism of the school and the time spent each day on learning. And I am just as happy with the fun activities and play time alloted every day. This has been a very positive experience so far for both my son and for us. - Cheryl S. on 10/21/2011