Parents Testimonials

I appreciate the positive feelings from every person in the building, the consistency of care and correction from any employee, and the bright, clean building. - Patti P. on 07/03/2013

All the staff are really dedicated to the well being and education of the kids and the center is under a great director whom keeps the center running so efficiently! I would highly recommend this center to anyone looking for a safe, caring, and great learning environment for their child!! - Luzanne T. on 07/03/2013

The fact the teachers truly car for my children, the quality of teaching, parental involvement, and the cameras - Deborah K. on 07/03/2013

Most of the teachers seem to really care about the kids. - Jennifer J. on 07/03/2013

Friendly, caring, genuine and trusting group of teachers, staff and owners. We are so lucky to have found such a great place for our daughter. - Dana B. on 07/03/2013

Everyone is friendly,and management is flexible with my often changing schedule. The kids love their teachers, and the curriculum is varied enough to keep them engaged. - Mary V. on 07/03/2013

The teachers are very devoted to the their work. - Elizabeth A. on 07/03/2013

The staff is very caring and works well with my (sometimes challenging) children. - Cherilyn P. on 07/03/2013

Caring teachers! - Kennette P. on 07/03/2013

The staff really takes the time to get to know each and every child. I especially love the fact that they taught my daughter sign language and truly prepared her for kindergarten. Without their commitment to teaching, I don't think my daughter would have developed the love for reading and learning. - Claire Z. on 07/03/2013

I think the educational environment is very good and the center has good staff also. - Kathryn R. on 07/02/2013

My kid has been there for just 3 months but we really like it. Just the fact that you can watch your kid anytime you want using the watchmegrow service is just amazing! All the personal is so nice and they always say hello with a smile :) - Mr. Z. on 07/02/2013

The teachers are committed to providing age appropriate learning materials to the children. They make learning fun and enjoyable. - Staci M. on 07/02/2013

We checked out 3 places in the area and we felt Kiddie Academy was the best. - Sujith M. on 07/02/2013

Your staff is amazing. From top to bottom every staff knows the name of every child, all of their quirks and unique qualities, and they all seem to understand how to relate to each child, even when they are not in their class. With the amount of children there every day that range so widley in ages, that is an outstanding feat in deed! - Katie H. on 07/02/2013