Parents Testimonials

I appreciate the daily report of what my child ate, when he was changed, and his favorite activity that day. - Katherine B. on 12/15/2011

Hands on projects, cameras, duckling and monkey teachers are great. Physical activity twice a day, very nice office staff, lololy is beyond nice, parent activities. - Barbara C. on 12/15/2011

excellent staff - Eunice L. on 12/14/2011

I really like the teachers they always infor me about my daughter. - Crystal M. on 12/14/2011

I love that Kiddie Academy follows an educational curriculum. It is such a school setting, and they teach my daughter so much! They don't just dump toys on the floor and sit texting on their phones. The staff is very caring and attentive. - Kate S. on 12/14/2011

im very happy of your educational child care services - Amadeo P. on 12/14/2011

The eduational program is amazing and well planned out according to ages. Teachers are amazing with the kids and very loving towards them. I love that while I have to work my babies are receiving the love and attention I am not able to give them during the day and meanwhile they are learing at the same time. - Elena M. on 12/14/2011

The very special attention given to our children and also kindness with parents. The complete education given: academyc & good manners to behave appropiated & sense to help the community. The variety of activities where also kids & parents are involved, which mostly are oriented to help others. - Ana M. on 12/14/2011

Everything. My son, who is 3, has become more verbal and has learned many things, including counting,writing, his ABC's, his planets and has started learning sign language. He loves doing his homework (which is age is appropriate). All the teachers there care and are amazing on my sons needs. I also love that you provide meals for them. Since he is a picky eater, he gets to see and try different foods which is what you need to do to a picky eater. In overall, I am glad we picked this center for my son. They treat us like family and I love that most of all. - Ana R. on 12/14/2011

Everything! I chose Kiddie Academy after visiting numerous child care facilities and hands down Kiddie Academy was the cleanest, their teachers are exceptional and my children love being there. 8 years later I am sending my 3rd child through Kiddie Academy, I would not go anywhere else. - Laura V. on 12/14/2011

they care lovely our sons. Thanks for all - Jairo G. on 12/14/2011

They are very professional in a very humble and loving environment. They treat you like family and know you in a personal level. They are very patient with the children. My daughter is very happy in Kiddie Academy and tells me everyday how much she loves her teachers and school. Thank you, Kiddie Academy! Keep up the great work. - Jessica R. on 12/14/2011

I like the fact that the Kiddie Academy of Upper Freehold is not just a place that provides good childcare services for my daughter, but that it also does an exceptional job of providing her with the basics in her education (challenging yet age-appropriate curriculum; exposure to different language; development of motor skills like writing). I went from having great trusted childcare in my home to the getting the very same (along with social skill development and the like) at the Kiddie Academy. My husband and I are very happy with our choice. - Dawn M. on 12/14/2011

Everyone in the center is amazing and absolutely dedicated to teaching the children. - Jessica S. on 12/14/2011

Director & teachers Cleanliness Honesty Security Efficiency Organized - Tina Z. on 12/13/2011