Parents Testimonials

It is an educational environment. Not young kids, just babysitting. They don't just accept anyone as a teacher -- they take the time to make sure they have the best possible teacher. I like that it's easy and I don't need to prepare foods. The extra hours do help, just in case I do get stuck somewhere. My children have been to other facilities, and Kiddie Academy is in a completely different "league" even in comparison to well know chains such as The Goddard School. - Robin H. on 12/02/2011

The teachers are willing to take time with each student, and have the supplies they need to help the children further there education. - Jennifer P. on 12/02/2011

I could not have asked for a better environment for my two Boys. The name Kiddie Academy says a lot, but it truly depends on the owner’s commitment and involvement. Pam & Kathy put their heart and soul into each and every day and each and every child. As a direct result of this, the staff is just as committed. I know that each day I walk away, I am leaving my child at the best possible place. Kiddie Academy of Upper Freehold has exceeded my expectations with not only the care my child receives but also the educational focus of their programs offered! - Dawn G. on 12/02/2011

I feel that Kiddie Academy of Upper Freehold always provides innovative ways to engage my children in the learning process. I also could not be more than happy with their staff. They facilitate both cognitive and social aspects of learning. I visited other establishments, but knew after meeting Pam and Cathy, that this was were my boys had to go. It was my Aha! Moment! - Lisa N. on 12/02/2011

I like the interaction the teachers have with the children. I feel comfortable that my child is in a safe and loving enviornment every day. - Gabriella W. on 12/02/2011

The sense of community and professionalism. There is always a routine and the children seem to be happy and feel safe, as do I as a parent. I'm very happy I made the choice to enroll my child @each Kiddie academy of eatontown. - Delia G. on 12/01/2011

majority of staff are extremely qualified, sweet and loving people, who appear to genuinely care about the well being of my child. its a nice environment to drop my child off to every day! - Kara C. on 12/01/2011

I love how caring the staff is. From the first day I met the staff and took a tour of the school, I knew that my daughter would be safe and happy there. And to this day I stand behind that. She has been there 3 years and both me and my husband are both very happy with Kiddie Academy and their staff. My daughter couldn't be happier going to school every day. - Rebecca S. on 12/01/2011

I feel my children are safe and well cared for. - Laura R. on 11/30/2011

I like the staff and the school is clean - Tonya R. on 11/30/2011

The staff is very friendly and the daily reports are very detailed. - Christy D. on 11/30/2011

I love how straight from Pam and Kathy they make you feel like family and instill that in their teachers and assistants. - Vicki B. on 11/30/2011

I like the educational setting of the care center. I like the changing of stations throughout the day. I feel my son is being well cared for and is learning a lot. - Laurie G. on 11/30/2011

All the staff pays attention to details. They make your experience easy and comforting. - Carla T. on 11/30/2011

Kiddie Academy is a wonderful setting for my child. When I drop my child off, I don't worry because I know that all needs are being met. He loves going to Kiddie Academy...He has fun, is socializing and learning. The staff is wonderful and pleasant and always has the time to answer any questions I may have. - Heidi L. on 11/30/2011