Parents Testimonials

I like that there is a lot of education with the children not just play which is important too. There is a good balance. - Amanda A. on 11/18/2011

When I became a mother I quickly learned that no one could care for my children as well as I could. Then I enrolled my daughter at Kiddie Academy of Sparta,They changed my mind. The staff and teachers are family. People that truly and genuinely care for and love my girls. The facility is immaculate. The staff is consistent,which in turn creates a sense of security for both child and parent. The education is beyond compare. My girls are learning not only academic skills but manners and social skills. I feel lucky to have the opportunity for my children to attend Kiddie Academy. They are helping raise my girls to be prepared for school as well as respectful, well adjusted little people of society. Kiddie Academy, the amazing owners and staff are a wonderful asset to the community and a blessing to my children and myself. - Heather K. on 11/18/2011

I like the way my children are excited to go to school every day. Sometimes they tell me things they have learned, and I am so amazed! - Jessica D. on 11/17/2011

Very professional staff. I wish they were available when I first put my son is school this would have been my #1 choice. Academically my son has grown and the improvements in such short time have been amazing. - Jamie Della R. on 11/17/2011

The staff is very caring and they really know all of their children's needs. - Debbie Y. on 11/17/2011

I like that my 3 year old daughter has learned so many new things -- Spanish, days of the week, months of the year, letters -- in only 3 weeks of being there. She's learning how to write her letters and is so excited to "go to school" every day. - Stephanie M. on 11/16/2011

I was.impressed that everyone knew my son by name after only being enrolled for two days. His teacher, Miss Jena, is a patient teacher that makes learning enjoyable. She is always available to answer any of my questions and its obvious she truly cares about the children. - Cheryl J. on 11/16/2011

I love everything about Kiddie Academy! The teachers and staff are very caring towards my child. - Fran P. on 11/16/2011

I like that it's a new building and still seems really clean. The teachers have been great and I feel they're trying to provide the best environment for my baby. - Michelle R. on 11/16/2011

You have great people working for you that really take a great interest in my child! - Jennifer A. on 11/16/2011

Everyone is so kind and caring. I feel as though they truely care about my child and our family. They have gone above and beyond my expectations. They have a terrific learning program that my daughter loves. I know she is in goods hands at kiddie academy. - Lesley T. on 11/16/2011

The caring of the teachers, And when we speak with Suzanne thing are REALLY addressed - Stephanie N. on 11/16/2011

The focused attention given to my children and their needs. The wonderful staff! The curriculum is amazing and my 3 yr old is learning so much because of it! - Trishelle A. on 11/16/2011

Room - Deepti A. on 11/16/2011

I love it. The school is extremely clean and all the teachers are wonderful! - Natalee L. on 11/16/2011