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“The teachers and staff at KA Bothell are so wonderful. They are fantastic with kids and my son loves them!”

Brian H.


“We love the great, caring teachers at Kiddie Academy who have excellent training in early childhood education. We also appreciate the educational curriculum. We are able to see our child's amazing development daily and feel that her understanding of letters, numbers, and shapes has been largely do to the work they do at Kiddie Academy. We appreciate the healthy meals prepared on site each day for our child. She is developing good eating habits with healthy options...yeah!”

Suzanne A.


“I LOVE the teachers! I love the curriculum, and I love the structure!”

Leslie H.


“The wonderful staff #1, the safe and fun facility #2, and the home cooking :)”

Jennifer S.


“The curriculum has taught my son SO much along with his wonderful teacher who provides a great one on one relationship with him. Super friendly staff :-)”

Mallory P.


“Personal one on one interaction with instructors especially at younger age (less than 2 yrs old) Curriculum based child care Webcams Clean”

Rov S.


“Everything, there is nothing I've been disappointed with in the 3 yrs my son has been attending”

Agustina M.


“I feel my child is safe and secure in the facility, which is also clean and well managed. In addition, my child has shown enormous academic growth in the past year!”

Danielle T.


“They're lots of quality staff members who are dedicated to the children's learning and well-being. I'm concerned that some aspects of cost is rising, and certain things are pricier at KA compared to surround childcare centers. Please keep up the good work and thank you.”

Justin T.


“The teachers and staff have all been wonderful!”

Stephanie M.


“Kiddie Academy provides a very warm, loving environment that makes me feel very comfortable with leaving my son there. He learns so much every day, in a very fun way.”

Adrienne L.


“We love the security, communication about daily curriculum, and LOVE the new Tadpoles system that electronically gives us daily reports on our son's progress.”

Emily M.


“My daughter is always excited to be at your facility, the staff are friendly, upbeat, and seen to understand the children.”

Jennifer R.


“Smart boards, computer interaction, projects that incorporate learning and play.”

Misty M.


“Everyone is very friendly and professional.”

Lola H.


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