Parents Testimonials

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Clean, caring,Organized and friendly.And being able to monitor my child anytime. - Tulay T. on 11/03/2010

The communication, stability of the teachers, sanitary standards, and the cirriculum of the school. - Annique N. on 11/03/2010

I love that I can go online and see what my child is doing, and also feel the the cirriculum is very challenging and really pushes my child to be his best. - Nicole W. on 11/03/2010

Familiarity of teachers and administration to all kids and parents - Lisa R. on 11/03/2010

The flexibility of the Academy, the extra care the teachers and directors give to the children and the communication between the teachers/directors with the parents is excellent. - Janet R. on 11/03/2010

Teacher is great, the facilities are nice and there are plenty of windows to peak in and see what great activities the children are participating in without having to interupt the class. The cameras to check in during the day to see what my little one is up to. - Barbara B. on 11/03/2010

The streamwood branch has great teachers and my daughter has learnt a lot over there. - Pashmeena M. on 11/03/2010

Clean facilities. Good teachers. Owners on site and ready to help. - Hang N. on 11/03/2010

The care the teachers have for every single child. They make sure every child is included and is having fun! - Alyssa K. on 11/03/2010

Whats not to like!!! My experiences with home daycare before starting at Kiddie Academy were horrible! We did not think we could afford a day care center for more than one child but you guys have been so good to us working with us financially. We actually held off on having our last kid because we did not think we could afford daycare for two kids until we started at Kiddie Academy. I love all the teachers I have worked with so far and all the staff is great! I like that all the teachers know my kids name even though she is not in their class. I love the quarterly reviews and the parent teacher conf. I love that my kid is not plopped in front of a tv all day but rather is in a school type setting. Im amazed tht at 2 years old she knows her whole alphabet, can count to 12 in english and 5 in spanish, knows all her colors and shapes and has the vocabulary of a 5 year old. - Amy B. on 11/03/2010

The staff is extremely knowledgable, and I appreciate the time taken out for the personal commentary I receive about my child, and his progress - Liz V. on 11/03/2010

I like the fact that teachers are always willing to take parents' calls, and the administration is willing to discuss issues. - Andrea E. on 11/03/2010

The people who work at Kiddie Academy have been helpful and supportive in making sure our daughter is taken care of. We feel that we are leaving her with people that truly care about her well being and helping her to develop. - Stephanie Z. on 11/03/2010

The teachers and the management is very accomadating to my needs and all my requests were taken care of. All of the teachers, not just the ones that my kid is in, but all of them are really friendly and cordial. My kid loves to spend time there. The circular program is also good. I've recommended a lot of my friends and collegues and have gotten the same response from them too. - Archana J. on 11/03/2010

My son is only in the infant room but, I greatly appreciate all of the teachers who care for my son and I am thankful for all of the work that they put into teaching my son each day, while I am at work and unable to spend the time with him. - Jessica F. on 11/03/2010