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Our 3-year old has been with Kiddie Academy of Abingdon since she was 8 months old. As a parent, I appreciate the consistent communication from the team, the education she has received, and the friends that she has made . She comes home every night excited to tell us about her day. It is comforting to know we are dropping her off every day at a place that makes her so happy. Thank you to the entire staff and all of the teachers that she has been with across the 4 classrooms she has transitioned through! - Kim A. on 05/04/2021

Everything. - Nicole M. on 05/04/2021

Kiddie Academy of Abingdon has a wonderful staff and curriculum that my child is learning from. Every day she is able to explore and learn at stations on her own, and can participate in group learning to keep her engaged and having fun at her pace. We couldn't be happier with how fast she learns in that environment, and how much fun she has. So much fun, that she wants to go to school on the weekends too. Thank you Kiddie Academy! - Sophia P. on 05/04/2021

Curriculum and staff - Susan H. on 05/04/2021

The teachers are fantastic and having the live camera stream to be able to see what my child is doing throughout the day is amazing! - Kalin S. on 05/04/2021

He coming learning so much.. asking him how was his day and him knowing songs and looking at the pictures of him being active is joy - Tyra W. on 05/04/2021

Very friendly and engaging teachers - Brandon W. on 01/15/2021

The staff is very professional and personable. We have enjoyed the curriculum that our children are taking part in on a daily basis. We think the educational program is one that will prepare our kids for school. We appreciate the safety protocols in place as well as the health guidelines. While it hasn’t been easy when the center is closed and we have to keep our children home, we appreciate and understand the policy. We think it has been very consistent and we know that our children’s safety is top priority. - Ashley G. on 01/15/2021

The curriculum is followed very well and is so beneficial, especially in infancy. - Hillary G. on 01/15/2021

The ability to see, via cameras, the classroom throughout the day. Also, the teacher turnover rate is very low. Also, the center stays open on some of my holidays which gives me, a single mom, a much needed break. - Jennifer B. on 01/08/2021

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We are conveniently located behind the Wegmans in the Boulevard at Box Hill shopping center.

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