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The updates and supervision. - Victoria T. on 03/06/2020

Kiddie Academy is a wonderful place for my son! He loves it so much there...the teachers are great and the curriculum is amazing! - Janell C. on 03/06/2020

The teachers can navigate all the children education needs while keeping them motivated and engaged with school like. My daughter is in the Pre K Class and I Love It - Shaborah M. on 03/06/2020

The staff is exceptionally friendly and engaging with the children. - Jeremy W. on 03/06/2020

The facility cannot be beat. I love the level of cleanliness and the technology available to parents. Staff is friendly consistently. - Jayde A. on 12/25/2019

I love the teachers, the structure, the events, the app, and the live stream! - Cindy S. on 12/10/2019

could communication with parents, friendly staff, child learning a lot - Yadira C. on 12/05/2019

Ben is learning a lot and making friends. All his teachers seem engaged, helpful and happy and they support his interests. - Jennifer K. on 12/04/2019

I love that there is structure, yet freedom for the kids to explore and participate in creative activities. I love that crafts are done daily and that the teachers share their curriculum, all the books that are read and all the songs that they sing. My daughter has learned so much in a short amount of time. - Sophia P. on 12/03/2019

Since Jaxon has started at kiddie academy I have seen a big change in his overall development. He loves to sit down and read books which never happened previous to hums starting, he will count sets of objects on his own and has gained so many skills to be more independent at home. I value the time and effort put in from Ms Aubrey and Ms Morgan to help Jaxon enjoy his time while at kiddie academy for the morning. Being a teacher at the academy I could not be more pleased with how the standards are upheld in the preschool classroom and the progression Jax has made through his 6 months there so far. - Jaclyn W. on 12/03/2019

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We are conveniently located behind the Wegmans in the Boulevard at Box Hill shopping center.

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