Structured yet family environment

Friendly - teachers and staff always speak and say hello in the classrooms and hallways. Truly helps parents appreciate the safe, welcoming environment. Suggestion: Would like to suggest a parent orientation for new students: a week before child begins (even before a discovery day) walk parents to the classroom, introduce (or re-introduce) parent(s) to the child's teachers, provide a hand out on who the teachers are - their background, training, experience, etc. Go over what to expect on the first day (ie wash your hands, where to put milk if the child is an infant, where the child's cubbie will be located, what to do upon arrival and pick up, overview of daily classroom routine, etc.), provide a one page "tips" sheet for labeling childs' clothing, sunscreen, what do if a child will be out sick, etc. Would help ease parent apprehension immensely - and make the first day and/or discovery day that much easier. Sometimes it has been a few months since a family initially toured Kiddie Academy and some of these details discussed during the tour may have been forgotten. Thank you for ALL you do!!

Formal curriculum Passionate teachers Learning encouraged through multiple vehicles - play, structured activities, etc.

I feel very comfortable being my children there. They have learned so much there.

Our kids have absolutely flourished at Kiddie Academy! The difference in behavior, language, reading, numbers, etc. from the old school to here is astounding. It is clear that the staff loves children and wants to see them succeed. The bar is set very high and this school continues to raise it!

Engaging , passionate staff and feedback to parents in a timely fashion

You take very good care of my child. She is actually learning something and that is great.

We live how the activities, music and art is incorporated into daily learning. We live the staff !

Great teachers!

Amazing staff and learning experience for the children!

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