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The majority of the staff are kind and friendly and seem warm with the children. - Teresa C. on 07/25/2012

The teachers and all staff seem to really love my children and enjoy spending time with them. I feel that they are getting a wealth of knowledge and having fun too. We love, love, love Kiddie Academy of Blakeney and everyone that runs it! - Lauren K. on 07/23/2012

Here at Kiddie Academy, the children are provided with top notch educafion and also have fun. - Chunyi W. on 07/20/2012

The school is very organized and the staff is very consistent. One of the biggest things I look for in a school is routine and know that the teacher will be in class each day. - Stacy W. on 07/20/2012

Flexible, accommodating and friendly. - Agatha R. on 07/19/2012

It is very well managed. The teachers are nice, communicate well with parents. Children are really learning. Great programs and field trips. No catalog sales for parents to take home. - Ying L. on 07/19/2012

I do feel that teachers cares about my kid. I especially want to thank Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Jean. I feel I have a close contact with them. They answers my questions well. When my son came in, Ms. Jean always gave him a big 'good morning' and sometimes a warm hug. My son is obviously happy about the welcome. When my son was offended by other kids, the teacher helped him. The teacher also let me know all the 'bad' deeds from him. I feel I can trust the teacher so I told him to 'tell the teacher' when he is in trouble. The classroom is spacious and bright. Toys, furnitures are new. The Smart Screen is great. David listened to my suggestion and bought more balls in the back yard. No donations to the school. I don't object to donation, but my previous daycare asked donation to classrooms too much. Director Betsy is good. She cares about my son. Suggestion about improvement: 1, put hooks under cubies, for coats or bags. 2, It is a great thin for my son to get new books. If there're events like "book session" it will be great. 3, sign-in computer runs a bit slow. But I understand. Thanks. Yongmei - Yongmei C. on 07/19/2012

Great facility. Everything is so nice and new! David is great and is doing a wonderful job! - Erin D. on 07/19/2012

I appreciate the love the teachers so clearly have for my children. Additionally, the curriculum is great, the communication between the school & parents is wonderful and I love the webcams! - Deborah K. on 07/19/2012

Very friendly staff. Clean and kid friendly environment. - Marjan S. on 07/19/2012

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