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My son is singing new rhymes n learning lot of new things but i see less educationaly activity, i guess its summer time so they are focusing more on activties. - Sheetal D. on 07/30/2012

We absolutely love Kiddie Academy-Blakeney! The facility is spotless, the teachers are structured and fabulous but most importantly Tyler loves going to school. - Jody B. on 07/30/2012

The field trips are educational and fun. My daughter learns Mandarin Chinese. Low teacher turn over rate. Teachers are enthusiastic and have lots of energy, especially Ms. Jennifer. - Li L. on 07/30/2012

Cleanliness, professionalism and dedication from the staff. All 3 things are important and you nailed them all. - Beth Z. on 07/30/2012

Learning opportunities, structured setting - ( learning & play), fieldtrip experience, the fact that my children enjoy being there - Bryan U. on 07/30/2012

You feel safe to leave your child at Kiddie Academy - Kenneth L. on 07/30/2012

This is the best school any of my children have ever attended. My daughter BEGS me to take her to school at 7:30 in the a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays! Not only do I feel my child is ahead of the game educationally because of Kiddie Academy, she is also enriched regularly with off school site field trips and activities. All of which are EXTREMELY affordable. I'd never have the time or money to take her to dance, tai kwon do, or swimming lessons outside of school. I also love that Kiddie Academy serves high quality healthy meals to my child every day. - Jennifer D. on 07/30/2012

Education is very age appropriate, and I feel my children are learning alot here at Blakeney Kiddie Acacdemy. Very nice atmosphere. My children are happy! - Angela L. on 07/30/2012

I like the individual structures designed for each classroom. The curriculum is excellent and we enjoy the extra curricular activities such as dance, tae known do, and the additional resources brought in such as the nature talks, fun bus etc. The teachers and directors are very friendly and approachable. They all know each child's name and respective sibling's names. It is a well run facility with a quaint, friendly atmosphere. - Melissa T. on 07/30/2012

The staff are really great and very friendly. Kiddie Academy has been so flexible and very good in understanding the parents time and needs of their children. I really appreciate what Mr. Willis has done for me and my family. I definitely would recommend the Kiddie Academy especially to new families here in Charlotte to take care of their kids and their needs as well. - Louie A. on 07/30/2012

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