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The staff are really great and very friendly. Kiddie Academy has been so flexible and very good in understanding the parents time and needs of their children. I really appreciate what Mr. Willis has done for me and my family. I definitely would recommend the Kiddie Academy especially to new families here in Charlotte to take care of their kids and their needs as well. - Louie A. on 07/30/2012

You guys are all very friendly, sweet, and caring individuals. I have always felt good about Boone attending Kiddie Academy and have truly enjoyed our time there. David has always worked with our situation and given us flexible options and Betsy is super friendly all of the time. You guys are awesome!!! - Charli R. on 07/30/2012

I am very impressed with what my 4 year old has learned at Kiddie Academy! She has learned how to write all the letters, numbers, shapes and her name well. She also has learned the months of the year, days of the week and all about the different seasons! It amazes me when she comes home each day with new knowledge and a bigger imagination! KA has up-to-date technology with several smart boards and computers for the kids to learn from! :-) - Brittany H. on 07/30/2012

Kiddie Academy teachers are hands on teaching my educational things as well teaching how to be responsibile for their things and respect others. I also like the field trips. I feel the Kiddie Academy of Charlotte-Blakeney is great. - Gail A. on 07/27/2012

Every thing. The teachers and staff are very friendly. Place is very clean. Over all great place for my son to be in. - Eden S. on 07/26/2012

I like the owner's involvement. The staff are always polite and friendly. The teachers are so competent and I haven't seen the turnover which we've experienced at other child care facilities. - Jenny C. on 07/26/2012

I like that my husband and I have peace of mind knowing that our little lady is in great care. We also like that we are able to watch her throughout the day and have updates everyday about what happen during her school day. That really mean a lot to me. We love her teachers and that the owner is there to see what is actually happening in his facility. Email updates and newsletters are great and lets us know what is going on in the academy. Everyone is very nice and greets us with a smile when we arrive. It is the small things that we truly appreciate. I love it! - Jolundra A. on 07/26/2012

My kids come home and tell me amazing things they've learn each day. Stuff I would have never thought to start teaching at their young age but they get it. - Julie H. on 07/26/2012

Great teachers who genuinely seem to care about the kids. It's not JUST a daycare, it's like a miniature school, that provides great educational opportunities to the kids as well as wonderful arts/crafts projects for the children. They also provide great activities to allow the children explore, learn, entertain, and grow as individuals. The teachers encourage the children to interact with one another to foster new relationships with their peers. The staff/mgmt actually listen to parent concerns and/or suggestions and act upon them, they also really know each child and his/her personality and the kids are not just a number or dollar on their pocket. The school provides a wonderful sense of community for the children. I have recommended the school to others ( even a complete stranger who actually came toured the school) and will continue to highly recommended. (and not to mention, I love having the cameras on the classes so I can check in on kids!) - Anne B. on 07/25/2012

I like the two languages, the diversity of staff and students, and the open door policy with teachers and staff. - Tonisha A. on 07/25/2012

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