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Individual attention to kids needs. Good emphasis on "extracurriculars" like music and sports. Excellent staff with minimal turnover compared to some other schools I have seen. - Charles M. on 10/12/2022

Great staff! Great academic programs! Amazing enrichment - Victoria W. on 10/12/2022

Very caring and wonderful people! - Alexis J. on 08/16/2022

Best day care - Swapna Y. on 05/25/2022

Excellent - Vikram G. on 05/25/2022

I love all of the pictures and the Webcam so I can watch my daughter and it gives me peace of mind throughout my day at work. Plus the presents make me so happy to get and hang up around the house. - Virginia T. on 05/18/2022

We love the constant activities that keep her busy and the fun ways of learning. I especially love that the Pledge of Allegiance is done each day. We also love the daily email updates. - Deirdre B. on 05/18/2022

Teachers are polite and kind, always open to conversation. Everyone knows each other and parents gets involved in activities - that gives the vibe of a big family - Tetiana N. on 05/18/2022

Education program is very strong and diverse to stimulate kids development from different angles Love extra activities that involve the parents- kids are very happy about it. I would recommend to review potty training process. There are of 3, 3.5 yo that still in pull-ups. Take kids to potty every 2 hr, etc. - Victoria W. on 05/18/2022

The family feeling you get from all the staff. - Chanetta M. on 05/18/2022

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