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Our girls love going to school and I'm spite of all that is going on around them are having fun and enjoying the teachers and staff at school. - Josh M. on 05/27/2020

Almost everything - Alketa M. on 05/27/2020

The children get taken care of well with a healthy mix of mental exercise with outdoor fun! It's a great place for the children to meet new people and learn how to interact in different environments. - Kevin K. on 05/27/2020

What I love most about this academy is the relationship my children have with their teachers. When they walk into their classrooms they are greeted with hugs and smiles from Ms. Priscilla and Ms. Kristie. I enjoy seeing all the great projects they have worked on at school. My favorite part of the electronic daily report is to see pictures of my toddlers participating in activities at school. I forward these pictures to their grandparents and they love it! - Caressa K. on 02/01/2020

I am very appreciative of the care and love all the teachers here show my daughter. My daughter is happy, well taken care of, and really learning to love school. - Meredith R. on 01/26/2020

I like that we get pictures and videos of our children participating in their educational activities and crafts. Makes me happy to see them doing their activities. - Cindy M. on 12/15/2019

The teachers! - Ryan K. on 12/15/2019

Communication, community, education - Nadya R. on 12/08/2019

Friendly & take good care of my child. - Melinda F. on 12/08/2019

My kids are in the Senior after school program. They love their teachers and staff that assist their regular teacher. The Staff at Kiddie Academy are very welcoming, accommodating and flexible. Great to have my kids here. - Adetutu A. on 12/08/2019

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We are located outside of the Tuscan Lakes subdivision close to the Buc-ee's.

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