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I love how much my child learns while there and appreciate the pictures and updates throughout the day. It is a place my daughter truly enjoys going and for that i am thankful! - Bonnie L. on 11/04/2018

We actively searched and interviews with every top rated daycare in our area and our intuition and hearts just kept coming back to Kiddlie Academy- although there was a waiting list at the time it was 100% worth the wait! Knowing our kids were in the best hands provided so much peace for our anxious hearts . The passion, love and up-most care they provide to the staff and every child is incomparable. - Leanne S. on 11/03/2018

I love how much the owners and teachers love the children! They all treat them like their own. The curriculum is amazing as well. I feel like my children are getting great care and an education at the same time. - Lisa B. on 10/21/2018

My daughter has been comfortable since day 1. At her previous daycare she would cry every morning when I would drop her off. She has not cried ONCE at kiddie academy. We were in a horrible situation at the previous daycare with her coming home with unexplained injuries. I honestly felt stuck. Summer was amazing and worked with us and got us in asap and away from our nightmare! We truly are grateful! Kiddie academy supported us in our potty training efforts and made it a breeze. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Kimberly R. on 10/13/2018

I love I get to see my daughters education everyday with the pictures that are sent to us - Deborah W. on 09/23/2018

My child is behind in his speech. He had been in speech therapy for almost a year before we enrolled him at Kiddie Academy (KA). We have had a difficult time enrolling him in speech therapy again since moving to the area due to insurance. He has come LEAPS AND BOUNDS since beginning at KA, even without going to speech therapy for the past several months. The teachers and staff are amazing, the curriculum clearly works. We are incredibly thankful for KA and the difference they have made in our family’s life. - Katie M. on 09/22/2018

Since starting at Kiddie Academy, our son has truly thrived and learned so much. The teachers have been great and clearly love the children. The only issue we've had is that our son scraped his elbow, bruised just below his eye and had hit his head and no one seemed to know what happened. The only actual complaint we have is the quality of the cameras. We came from a school with new cameras and the quality there was far superior. The movement on the cameras at KA is very choppy and the clarity recently seems better but not great at all and most of the classroom isn't even visible. - Sarah R. on 09/09/2018

Personal involvement leading to exponential growth in development. - Anthony O. on 09/01/2018

My son thrived at Kiddie Academy. - Casey J. on 08/26/2018

Very caring and I feel safe leaving my child at Kiddie Academy! - Christina S. on 08/26/2018

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We are located outside of the Tuscan Lakes subdivision close to the Buc-ee's.

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