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We couldn’t be more pleased that our kids are happy to go to Kiddie Academy every day! They tell us they love the school and they love their teachers. They have been full time for a year and have grown and matured in ways that I know I can thank the teachers and staff for! - Jamie H. on 04/05/2019

I am going to be devastated when she has to go off to Kindergarten and I have to trust somebody else. These last 3 years at KAO have flown by. I love everything that Ms.Rachel and Ms. Reagan are trying to work into lesson plans before the summer fun. - Kristin K. on 04/05/2019

The teachers and staff are always going above and beyond for each and every student. We could not ask for a better environment for our son. - Matthew B. on 04/05/2019

Safety, tadpoles communication/pictures, developmental assessments/goals, continuing education for staff, special events including community - Ashly W. on 03/26/2019

We like that the kids are learning about letters, numbers and general things like time (months, seasons), responsibility. It's great that there is limited screen time which is educational, not just entertainment. I'm growing more frustrated with the amount of time spent inside vs outside, to the point I've been taking time off work to take her outside myself. It's warm enough in the mornings for the kids to be outside running & exercising before lunch. Since there isn't a physical education program in the school, outdoor play should be a priority in the morning. Scheduling outdoor play only after 4 pm doesn't allow the kids leaving at 4 to participate. With the cold and flu season still going, getting fresh air outside and Vitamin D should be priority over crafts and free play inside. - Jami M. on 03/11/2019

Our daughter has been going to Kiddie Academy since November of 2018. She really loves it, which means we do too. Their curriculum and accreditation are what made us choose them over others in the area. It's hard to get a feel for the staff and teachers just doing a tour, so we liked what we saw on paper and that translated perfectly in to what we were hoping for. For me, when my daughter has a huge smile on her face when we walk into her room every morning, that is all I need to see to know I am leaving her in good hands. It's a good feeling knowing I can leave her for 8-9 hours per day with people that care for her just as we would at home. Knowing she will likely grow up with the same kids for next 4-5 years (or longer), getting the same care as she does, is a great feeling. We had a few needs when looking at child care; Clean, accredited, qualified teachers, and a place where she can meet new friends and be social. I feel we made the right decision and have no regrets. - Joe B. on 03/11/2019

We are always so grateful for Kiddie Academy. Recently, I’ve been so grateful for the comfort that Kiddie Academy’s structure provides our son. He loves to play school, and tells us which teacher I am and which friend his dad is. He pretends he is one of the teachers, too. And then he tells us how each day goes and what the teachers say and how they handle various situations. It is so clear in these games that he is learning how the world works, that he relies on that structure to learn problem solving, that the teachers have a solution for so many challenges, and that his teachers are a constant, positive presence in his life. We are so grateful for Kiddie Academy and all the awesomeness it provides our family! - Bonnie S. on 03/09/2019

Ms.Rachel and Ms. Reagan are the best! - Kristin K. on 03/09/2019

We love all of the staff at Kiddie Academy! They are so welcoming, helpful and caring to our son. We love the cameras so we can check in on him throughout the day. Communication is excellent. As a parent, I feel very informed and aware of what’s going on at the school. Thank you for all you do! - Marcie H. on 03/09/2019

Teachers are very caring for our children and do interesting activities throughout the day - Dave C. on 03/09/2019

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We are located just off I-64 and Winghaven Blvd. in the Lakeside Shoppes.

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