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Absolutely love the educational child care services - our daughter has grown so much in the 6 months since joining Kiddie Academy. She was born early and is a bit behind on her milestones, but the instructors are so aware and knowledgeable in helping her meet those. So appreciative of all that they do! Not only that, I can see that my daughter is truly happy to see the teachers every day! - Emily C. on 02/15/2019

My daughter is learning, loves the place, happy to go to school, and is comfortable there. Seeing her happy and learning, makes me happy! - Amber P. on 02/07/2019

I love that you recognize how smart and capable these toddlers can be. Setting them up to start sitting at tables, washing their hands, cleaning up, etc. are such great skills for them. And having a different art activities every day. Suggestion: I would love to see some male teachers get hired. Getting the kids exposed to male caretakers as well would be very beneficial in my opinion. - Rachel G. on 02/06/2019

The care providers at KAO are loving and show genuine concern for all of the kids and their families. - DeAnna T. on 02/06/2019

My child is not just a name on a roster. He started at Kiddie Academy at 14 weeks old and, from day one, the staff has treated him with the same love and attention that we give him at home. Kiddie Academy has been one of the easiest (and best) decisions we have made as parents. - Stephanie M. on 01/31/2019

Great, caring teachers. - Shawana B. on 01/30/2019

We have really liked all of the teachers we have had at Kiddie Academy, but my daughter absolutely loves Ms Brea. In the 9 months she has been there she has learned to spell her name, count to 20 (up to 10 in Spanish) and she just turned 3! The staff at KAO is what makes is so great! - Mindy R. on 01/29/2019

Daily reports with detailed information about food, diaper changes and all activities throughout the day (with pictures) is priceless! - Neha Y. on 01/29/2019

Kiddie Academy is absolutely amazing to work with. It has the security I want for my child, a strong leadership team, a supportive and attentive staff, and superb attention to detail. I love being part of this family. - Katie F. on 01/29/2019

My son loves going to school and learning each day! Tonight he came home from school offering creative multiple choice questions to his father and me. The environment has allowed a child who tends to be shy in group settings to flourish, gain confidence, and leadership skills. - Casey M. on 01/28/2019

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We are located just off I-64 and Winghaven Blvd. in the Lakeside Shoppes.

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