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We love Kiddie Academy. Finn's been learning so much. He comes home with new sign language and new words. I think he's really benefiting from the reinforced routines he experiences in his classroom. And without siblings at home, it's really important to us that he gets a chance to socialize with his peers. We love that he participates in group art projects and story time with his peers, and that they can socialize even at mealtime. As always, Kasey is wonderful, and we're really excited that Alyssa has joined her. Overall we love that Finn has a great time at school. - Danielle W. on 03/05/2019

Love everything about the place :) Ms. Laura and Ms Brea are doing a great job with the kids. - Angela O. on 03/02/2019

My daughter is always coming home talking about new things. She applies these things to everyday things. She is identifying president's when she sees them (even if she does not know the name), always bringing home art, and making friends and developing social skills to get her ready for school. - Kirsche M. on 03/02/2019

Our son surprises us daily with new things he’s learned at school. - Brandy M. on 03/02/2019

We love the teachers there. They are very patient with my little one’s changing tastes and mood swings. - Rachana S. on 02/16/2019

Kiddie Academy of O’Fallon treats our daughter like family. Ms.Kristin in the infant room is phenomenal! Every mother worries when leaving their child for the first time, but she has put my mind at ease knowing my daughter is well cared for, gets plenty of 1:1 attention and love. I actually think she is excited to go to “school” because she waves to everyone we walk in the classroom door! Kiddie Academy is a clean, safe environment with excellent curriculum. We are so thankful for the staff and would recommend to anyone looking into childcare! - Alyssa M. on 02/16/2019

Absolutely love the educational child care services - our daughter has grown so much in the 6 months since joining Kiddie Academy. She was born early and is a bit behind on her milestones, but the instructors are so aware and knowledgeable in helping her meet those. So appreciative of all that they do! Not only that, I can see that my daughter is truly happy to see the teachers every day! - Emily C. on 02/15/2019

My daughter is learning, loves the place, happy to go to school, and is comfortable there. Seeing her happy and learning, makes me happy! - Amber P. on 02/07/2019

I love that you recognize how smart and capable these toddlers can be. Setting them up to start sitting at tables, washing their hands, cleaning up, etc. are such great skills for them. And having a different art activities every day. Suggestion: I would love to see some male teachers get hired. Getting the kids exposed to male caretakers as well would be very beneficial in my opinion. - Rachel G. on 02/06/2019

The care providers at KAO are loving and show genuine concern for all of the kids and their families. - DeAnna T. on 02/06/2019

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We are located just off I-64 and Winghaven Blvd. in the Lakeside Shoppes.

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