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Whether it's through play or curriculum, our son is always learning something new. We've been very impressed with what and how he has learned and really feel he's one of the smartest kids we know. His teachers do a great job with him and love how they keep the schedule fun for him. - Lauren J. on 10/19/2018

We really don’t have any complaints. Ava loves her teachers and we do too. She surprises us regularly with things she’s learning in school. We have already recommended Kiddie Academy to many people. - Dylan H. on 10/15/2018

I love how you guys keep track of my child’s development and challenge her to meet the next stage. You look out for her best interest as if she were your own. Keep up the amazing work! Parents can work in peace knowing their little one is entrusted in your care. - Beth L. on 09/25/2018

My son is learning so much, and I have noticed a difference in his attitude and moods after school. - Megan D. on 09/25/2018

I love how much she has learned since starting at KAO ! She is 2 and already knows how to count to 10, knows her ABCs, and is potty trained! - Angela O. on 09/22/2018

Staff very caring and provide varied activities - Dave C. on 09/22/2018

For nearly 3 years, my husband and I have been humbly grateful for all that you have provided for our son. You care for him and let him be his own person, whether he is being quiet and introverted or outgoing and silly that day. He has learned skills that some kindergartners are still learning, and I never thought I"d see pictures of him learning how to write at 3 years old. All the teachers at Kiddie Academy have touched our family-- the bus driver said hello to him when he was fascinated with the bus driver, the director and assistant directors always say good morning, and the partners of the school know who we are. This level of professionalism makes us feel like we are in our right place. And on a smaller scale, his classroom teachers have reached him more than I realize. A few weeks ago, he started identifying letters of the alphabet and connecting them to his friends' names from school. I never would have thought that the letters could mean more than simple words, but he is making those intellectual connections because of his exposure to them at school. He has learned to count, to hold a marker, to play soccer, to advocate for himself, to be responsible, to be technological, and to stand in front of his peers. There is more that happens at this school in one day than I could dream of, yet I never feel like he isn't simply being a child. The concept of "learn through play" is natural for your school, and I am so grateful I don't feel like he is simply a) being babysat or b) being forced to learn. As we look to our future as a family and we look to the past for how far we've come, I can't imagine being without your guidance, friendship, and awesome, AWESOME school. - Bonnie S. on 09/21/2018

It has been a year and a half since my daughter started going to KAO and we have been amazed at how much she has learned especially for the last several months. Her speech is getting complex and shows that she is listening very carefully to others around her. She knows how to clean up her room after she is done or before going to bed, etc. All we have to say is "clean up!" We have been extremely satisfied with KAO curriculum and how caring the teachers & supervisors are. Only thing is cost. Tuition has been raised twice (every year before September) and it has now increased by about $100/m (for the same program). I am sure there are good reasons for it and I would like to know details... - Yoko C. on 09/21/2018

Kind, caring and encouraging staff. Lots of fun activities provided to the kids - Jenna F. on 09/17/2018

The activities are geared towards developing new age appropriate skills. There are a wide range of development activities that my child is engaged in. I appreciate that she has knowledgeable teachers that I often use as a resource. - Laura M. on 09/14/2018

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We are located just off I-64 and Winghaven Blvd. in the Lakeside Shoppes.

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