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Our kids LOVE Kiddie Academy! They are excited for drop off (most) every morning. They have learned and grown so much in their time here. We love that their teachers keep us posted on progress the kids make. It's wonderful to have teachers that care about our kids and their development. - Jamie H. on 08/16/2018

I know my daughter will be beyond ready for Kindergarten next year after the last 3 years at KAO. I am elated at what she has learned and I am anxious to see what is to come. Great job KAO! - Kristin K. on 08/10/2018

I feel like my daughter’s education is priority here. She learns so much more than I would except. I love that she is, or at least I believe she is, so much more knowledgeable than other 3 year olds. She really does have a sponge for a brain at her young age, and I feel KA takes full advantage of that in education and development. - Carrie H. on 07/31/2018

Everyone at Kiddie Academy is so caring and so involved with every child. - Amanda L. on 07/28/2018

Everything!! The staff and management team at Kiddie Academy O'Fallon are amazing!! They treat the kiddos as their own... I know when I leave in the morning Peyton is going to have the best day possible. The curriculum and activities are so creative! Peyton has development so much over the last 9 months!! He is starting to hold his pencil correctly, can count to at least 20, and can identify not only his name but the names of his classmates. Everyone says it takes a village to raise a child, we feel so blessed to have Kiddie Academy be part of our village! - Shannon U. on 07/25/2018

We are beyond pleased with our choice to have our children attend KiddIe Academy! The curriculum exceeds our expectations and there are so many "extras" that are included for the children. The teachers treat them like their own and we can tell our boys are so loved! Thank you Kiddie Academy. - Danielle F. on 07/18/2018

I love the learn thru play method of teaching at Kiddie academy and that each student gets personal attention when needed. - Neha Y. on 07/17/2018

Jonathan is always doing something fun and new! We think so highly of all of his teachers, but we have especially noticed Ms. Prabha in the past few months. Every time we watch the “WatchMeGrow” camera, she is playful and engaged with all of the kids. They almost seem to swarm her whenever she’s around! We can just tell she really loves being there surrounded by all of the kiddos. Kiddie Academy is so lucky to have such great educators—as are these kiddos. But I have to say, Ms. Prabha has impressed us so much. Jonathan of course adores her as well! Thank you, Kiddie Academy, for having the best of the best in every category. Such a great facility and most importantly wonderful humans impacting/educating all of these tiny humans. We couldn’t have picked a better daycare for Mr. Jonathan! - Elizabeth S. on 07/16/2018

It's more than just a day care. The teachers ensure that the kids are learning and exploring. - Kyle L. on 07/09/2018

I love the daily report we get at the end of the day of everything that happened that day, the activities they do along with pictures, and the teachers are great! - Angela O. on 07/07/2018

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We are located just off I-64 and Winghaven Blvd. in the Lakeside Shoppes.

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