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After over 3 years at Kiddie Academy I continue to be impressed by the creativity and drive of the entire staff to provide a nurturing, educational and fun environment for my child. - Katie L. on 10/20/2017

The teachers - Melinda S. on 10/18/2017

I enjoy the attention my baby receives along with the daily updates and pictures. My child always seems happy when I check on her with the WatchMeGrow app. - Sharia P. on 10/16/2017

I love the constant communication and interaction between the teachers and parents at KAO. I feel like I know what is going on in my toddler's life thanks to the Tadpole app and frequent email/newsletter communications. The pictures also always bring a smile to my face during the work day. Thank you all for your hard, yet fantastic, work! - Alyssa W. on 09/26/2017

Everything! - Tamara B. on 09/24/2017

My daughter is always telling me about her friends and teachers. We love to talk about what she learned at school and she has grown so much. I know she is in good hands with her teachers and they have taken the time to know her and her personality. - Kirsche M. on 09/22/2017

The people there do a great job of taking care of our child - Dave C. on 09/22/2017

Very professional environment. I trust my son's teacher in providing the best care for my son James. The management is very professional and you are made aware of things. - Shanique C. on 09/22/2017

The daily plans and reports from teachers - Katie F. on 09/22/2017

Since our son started at Kiddie Academy when he was six months old, I have felt nothing but great love and appreciation for what they do for our family. From the academic things our son learns to making friends and telling me about his day to the basics of how to be respectful to adults, our son has grown so much! At this age (he is two), children soak up everything and learn every moment. And with Kiddie Academy, our son picks up on things I didn't even think about him learning at this point (doing cartwheels, drinking from the water fountain, holding doors for people, taking portions of food family style, etc.). Most recently, I appreciated Kiddie Academy for the little things he learns. While my son and I were playing over the weekend, he took two stuffed animals and covered them with blankets. He sat down on the floor in between them, explained to me that they were going to take a nap, and gently patted them on their backs, telling me to be quiet while they rested. I realized this tender moment came from him watching his teachers graciously and compassionately caring for the children as they go down for their naps. I don't know if they realized my son is watching them in moments like this, but it is clear that their consistently wonderful behaviors are being picked up on by even the littlest children and in the littlest moments. These teachers are role models in every sense, and I couldn't be more grateful to have Kiddie Academy as part of our family! - Bonnie S. on 09/21/2017

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We are located just off I-64 and Winghaven Blvd. in the Lakeside Shoppes.

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