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The summer camp CampVentures curriculum is built upon a series of two-week themes designed to inspire your child to explore, create, interact, and stay active during the summer months. Developmentally appropriate games accompany each theme to enhance what your child has already learned. CampVentures is designed for children up to age 12 and is another way Kiddie Academy gives your child Life Essentials. Children spend quality time participating in water play and physical fitness activities, and some age groups will have the ability to go on many fun and educational field trips throughout the summer.

Each two week theme contains a variety of activities including:

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What Kiddie Academy Parents are Saying

I love how much my child has developed. She’s counting, singing songs from school, learning how to spell her name-just incredible. I love the themed weeks to engage children’s educational interest makes learning fun for the kids. I love that they take the children outside when it’s nice-so important to get them outside (even if… - Anne S. on 03/03/2018

I like how patient the teachers are with all the kids. I like how my granddaughter has learn alot been in your care services.... The staff is very amazing. - Lakesha S. on 02/21/2018

Pleasent environment - Indika E. on 02/10/2018

Educational,fun,friendly staff and a clean environment - R. Josh S. on 02/06/2018

Enjoy the teachers, there has been little/no turnover in our classroom - Meghan S. on 01/15/2018

The staff is very friendly and helpful. I never feel like my son is not taken care of. I love the app for communication throughout the day! - Alexandra G. on 12/28/2017

I love that the education is fun for the kids and that you keep us informed of what they are learning each day in the app so we can help at home also. Plus it’s fun to see the pictures of their day. - Karen S. on 12/05/2017

I’m so impressed with Kiddie Academy. We signed my daughter up vs. going to preschool through the park district and some other options due to the fact the hours didn’t match my demanding work schedule. I knew Kiddie Academy was reputable but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had an image of it being… - Anne S. on 11/27/2017

Sign language Art and crafts Teacher child interactions - Lita N. on 11/23/2017

How patient and friendly the staff are with the kids and the parents of them kids.... The staff explain things to the parents and i love that about this child care service. - Lakesha S. on 11/19/2017

I love that the teachers have structured lesson plans and that it isn’t all just independent play. I also like that some lessons are repeated so that it helps my son make a connection. I’ve noticed he comes home using his good manners he’s being taught, singing songs he’s been taught and applying other skills… - Allison K. on 02/26/2018

You've amazing, talented employees. - Nishi P. on 02/05/2018

Well designed program. Pictures posted throughout the day tells a lot about my child’s learning and growth. - Ritesh G. on 12/29/2017

The staff is all warm and caring. They communicate with us very well. They take extra time and help with the things my child personally struggles with. I always feel that my child will be safe and we'll cared for at drop off. - Malcom V. on 03/14/2018

You are open and honest and communicate well. You obviously care about the children in your center. - Chelsea M. on 03/06/2018

Broad curriculum, my daughter is learning a lot and really enjoying being at school. The teachers are great and seem to really care about the kids. Everyone on staff is very welcoming and always has a smile on their face. Would highly recommend KA to anyone - Maegan C. on 03/06/2018

Teachers and administrators are professional and caring. Great food menu that encourage my children to try new foods. New clean facility and resources. - Leonna M. on 03/06/2018

I feel like there is a lot of focus on learning and practicing practical skills. My son is accelerating at a fast pace and he loves talking about what he learned at school everyday. - Katie O. on 03/06/2018

My son loves it at Kiddie Academy, and he has the strongest vote. He looks forward to going each day, learns a variety of educational activities, and they have opened up his world of food to try new things (and end up loving them). - Sarah W. on 02/21/2018

The teachers are very caring and tailor themselves to each child’s needs. The curriculum is age appropriate and encompasses a wide range of activities. Most of all my child loves going to school each day. - Michelle L. on 02/13/2018

You guys are fun and kind! - Melissa D. on 02/08/2018

We love the teachers. They really seem to care about the kids and pay special attention to them. Everyone is always so friendly when you come and leave. - Danita V. on 02/07/2018

I like how approachable the staff members are and they do a good job at hellohim kids who are having a hard time at drop off in the morning. My child really loves her teachers. - Toni B. on 01/02/2018

The teacher and staff are very friendly. I love the tadpoles app and knowing what my daughter is doing every day. There is a large variety of activities she does that differ from day to day. I feel like she's learning and having fun. - Katie J. on 03/06/2018

curriculum based care instead of just a day care - Jennifer J. on 02/27/2018

My child shows that he is very happy. I like that each and very child gets the attention they need. - Nitu K. on 02/27/2018

We love the teachers, the many activities available on a daily basis, the hours (open to 6:30 pm) and the tadpoles app. - Elise P. on 02/13/2018

Personalized attention given to the child. Cleaniless of the daycare Well rounded activities for the kid Daily reports on kid Scope for Improvement :- - individualized activity for kids who are good at specific things such as reading or math etc - Reduce teacher attrition - Remove registration fee and activity fee for existing kids… - Indu S. on 01/03/2018

Everyone at Kiddie Academy is personable, kind, caring and take wonderful care of my 16 month old son. Everyone knows my son's name as well as mine. We are greeted with a smile each day and my son has learned and grown so much in the year he's been there. I can't say enough great… - Jennifer H. on 12/05/2017

She learns so much. The teachers are so interactive and caring and loving. - Ashley L. on 12/05/2017

I was so impressed how LA responded to my last review. Starting the next Day, everything I mentioned in the review was greatly approved. - Katie J. on 11/28/2017

Your curriculum serves the needs to match state standards. - jennifer j. on 11/22/2017

We love the kindness of the leadership team. They are consistently looking for ways to better the school/classrooms/teachers. Their dedication shows in everything they do. - Ashleigh W. on 11/08/2017

When I walked through the doors of Kiddie Academy of Oswego I knew I had found the perfect place for my daughter. She has grown so much since attending. The staff there are amazing! - Aaliesha A. on 01/10/2018

I love how excited my son is when he is there. He has learned so much being there. - Emaleigh M. on 12/08/2017

Fantastic staff; from the director to the in-classroom teachers and caregivers. - Amory D. on 11/24/2017

We love Kiddie Academy!! - Elissa K. on 11/10/2017

My daughter has grown so much in the 9 months since being at Kiddie Academy. I love that they are teaching her some Spanish words. She can write her own name now too. And she loves show and tell every friday. - Michelle V. on 11/04/2017

Before choosing Kiddie Academy of Oswego, I had visited a handful of other daycares and none compared to kiddie academy. From the beginning the Director Kera has been the absolute best. She is always so friendly, professional and genuinely cares about the children. One of my sons teachers in the koala room named Katelynn is… - Kelly P. on 10/16/2017

I like the interaction between the teachers and students. There's no babying going on and itbsets them up for being a "big kid". - Gina R. on 09/22/2017

I love staff and director Kera - Christina G. on 09/15/2017

Love the interaction the teachers have with my child. He has learned so much and is still learning while having fun! - Christina A. on 07/15/2017

The teacher are very friendly and they let you know what going on what skill their working on with your child/children - Maria M. on 07/14/2017

We like everything - Sunil G. on 03/10/2018

The staff is always very friendly, nice and helpful. Not only do I like them, but my kids do as well and that’s what’s most important. The center is always clean and presentable as well. - Raquel V. on 03/10/2018

I love the daily reports and how excited my daughter is to see her teacher and friends every day we come to "school." The teachers are so friendly and kind. I appreciate everything they do for my daughter and the other children. - Jessica M. on 03/09/2018

Alll i love everything of that place for my kid?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Oliver R. on 01/26/2018

Love that it’s run like a school. I like the curriculum, the cleanliness of the facilities. - Heather B. on 01/20/2018

The caring staff-especially the director, Jayme Sample. She is so attentive and ready to accommodate any specials requests or needs of my children. After several changes in management (director/assistant director) in the relatively short time we’ve been here (approximately two years), it is nice to see she has stayed in this position for several months.… - Karla G. on 01/19/2018

The teachers and staff are very caring. We appreciate the friendly, educational environment. Miss jayme does an exceptional job of running the place! - Amber W. on 01/05/2018

Caring, professional staff, and clean facilties. - Clay S. on 01/01/2018

Friendly teachers and accommodating staff - Poornima R. on 12/22/2017

Excellent Day care. My son loved it. Lot of activities on a daily basis to keep the kids busy that include music, game, fun. Soccer classes through soccer shots is adding more fun in Thursday’s scheduled. Tracking daily activities, daily report, watching kid pictures and videos through Tadpoles app is amazing. 10 out of 10… - Sourabh A. on 10/20/2017

That you read to my babies, sing songs do activities with them so they can developed their skills and play with the babies and play attencion to the babies. - Carmen M. on 03/12/2018

That it doesn’t stop when she leaves school her Eagerness to learn is so epic and mind blowing it brings me to tears..... if it’s ever a situation it’s taken care of! Thank you for feeding my daughter all the educational Brain Candy that your school has to offer! Thank you for the loving staff,… - Sherree P. on 02/20/2018

My children are always talking about the different experiments they do, coming home with facts about the topics they discuss, and have made some great friends at Kiddie Academy. - Kara P. on 01/20/2018

I like that my daughter seems happy there and that the teachers are loving and caring to her. - Yanet J. on 01/15/2018

The curriculum for pre-school and pre-k has helped prepare well for kindergarten - Kate W. on 01/14/2018

I feel like my daughter is cared for by all of her teachers and staff. She comes home having learned so much. I love getting updates from her teachers throughout the day so I never have to wonder what she's up to. I can't say enough good things about our experience with Kiddie Academy in… - Erin P. on 12/14/2017

Kiddie Academy of Batavia has genuinely caring staff that take time to really get to know your child. Since my daughter started, she doesn't even want to leave at the end of the day. She is excited to show me all of her new friends and the things that she is learning about. She often… - Mandy M. on 11/29/2017

Everything! My son always comes home happy! - Michelle K. on 11/24/2017

We love all of the teachers in the lady bug room. They are very kind, warm and genuinely care about each and every baby. - Lexie A. on 11/07/2017

Everything - Michelle B. on 11/07/2017

We love our daughter's teachers!! - Lauren H. on 03/18/2018

I love kiddie academy it’s like no other daycare that I’ve ever seen. I like how education is a major part of the curriculum because not only do the kids learn from school and Home they learn from the daycare. Every activity they do has something to do with learning or education. Whether it relates… - Theresa A. on 03/13/2018

I like how closely the teachers work with the children. - Odette B. on 02/27/2018

Love you all ??❤️❤️ - Veronica C. on 02/21/2018

Amazing teachers and the Director Olga is great. They really care about the kids and their well being. Facility is clean, and up to date. I would recommend KA Bolingbrook to anyone I know. - Nick P. on 02/20/2018

Kiddie Academy is by far the best decision we could have ever made for our daughter. The teachers and staff have a vested interest in her development and her learning experience, and it shows in her mannerisms, conversation, and social skills. My daughter continues to surprise me with new words, new songs, and new knowledge… - Erin M. on 02/12/2018

I enjoy sending my son to Kiddie Academy. He has learned a lot so far. - Patrice M. on 01/28/2018

I like when my son comes home with excitement about things he's learned. I like when he's able to identify animals and other things and explain the definition behind the learning. I love in the summer when he goes on nature walks and experience the outside. I look forward to know what he's learning daily… - Arnesha A. on 01/12/2018

They curriculum they use and the way they make us feel like family - Angela R. on 12/27/2017

Everything, every interaction, is some form of a learning experience - Michelle C. on 12/12/2017

This is my child second family. The more time they are there their teacher knows how your child needs and wants. They are not only teaching them but show a bond between the teacher and student. As a parent seeing my child move up to another classroom it shows me that she had graduated from… - Lidia S. on 03/14/2018

My daughter is always happy when I pick her up. She looks forward to "school" and loves her teachers. The curriculum is well-rounded, and she is able to tell me about her day, when I show her the pictures from the app. Even when I pick her up, she enjoys staying a little longer to… - Nicole I. on 03/06/2018

Great teachers. Love getting pictures of all the activities. My kids are learning so much. - Catherine S. on 03/06/2018

They are very caring and accomodating - Stephanie L. on 02/20/2018

I love the relationship my son has developed with his teachers. He is learning new things all of the time and is excited to talk to me about it. I like that the school send pictures through out the day, makes my day! - Alejandra R. on 02/06/2018

The communication and teaching of kids - Tanya L. on 01/10/2018

The staff at Kiddie Academy is very caring and my son learns a lot every day! - Daisy O. on 12/20/2017

Very friendly staff! - Alissa W. on 12/13/2017

The teachers are genuine in all they do!!! They genuinely love and take care of my children, helping them learn and grow while taking amazing pictures! - Laura K. on 12/05/2017

that the kids learn a lot while they play - Deysi C. on 10/31/2017

They are like family. I know my son is safe when he is in schoo/daycare. Thank you. - Stephany E. on 02/13/2018

I love everything about your services. My 2 kids love it there and they have learned so much in the year they've been attending, and the entire staff is wonderful. The management is fantastic as well, they are 100% understanding when life happens and things go wrong and they bend over backwards to help you.… - Gina G. on 02/13/2018

I like that I can leave my child in a daycare where she is going to learn and be well taken care of while I’m at work or doing run arounds. My daughter comes Home saying and rembering numbers , songs , letters etc. - Corina R. on 02/10/2018

How friendly and interactive the teachers are. My daughter comes home singing songs she learned that day, counting things(toys or food) when we’re not practicing counting! She loves going to daycare! - Stephanie L. on 02/03/2018

Veru clean daycare and great teachers! - Elena B. on 01/24/2018

Everyone is extremely welcoming, friendly, helpful and kind! It’s amazing to see how much they do with the kids each day and how much our son has learned in the time that he’s been there. - Ashley N. on 01/13/2018

We love the curriculum that the teachers have listed for each class and seeing what and how our kids are doing each and every day. The pictures they send each day is also awesome. I love that our children are being cared for and learning at the same time. So very impressed with Kiddie Academy… - Betty S. on 12/27/2017

I can not express how much I love Kiddie Academy! My daughters are advancing and love going to school! The staff and management team are professional and always friendly and able to discuss my children and any questions I have. This is a wonderful school and I can not imagine having my children at any… - Christina F. on 12/23/2017

The line of communication is open with all of the teachers and parents. We love the tadpoles app that gets utilized by the facility. It's very assuring seeing daily pictures and stats on dialer changes, food intake and naps. Everyone there is so nice to my kids and treat them like their own. - Lynette B. on 12/16/2017

I like the daily reports and the pictures we get. I love that they are being taught so much and how much the teachers really care about the kids. - Stacey V. on 12/16/2017

Skills improvement, lots of activities, great care. Planing to enroll my other child with no hesitation. Thank you. - Carolina P. on 03/18/2018

Very clean environment, very friendly staff, and very fun curriculum. The best of the best! - Sheng-Hui W. on 03/04/2018

I am consistently impressed by the amazing staff and fantastic curriculum. My daughter does so many great activities, and it's hard to get her to go home with me at the end of the day because she enjoys it there so much. - Christopher A. on 02/12/2018

My child has learned so much and everyday I see a difference. - Lynnette B. on 02/07/2018

my son has learned a lot - Jennifer Q. on 02/03/2018

Friendliness of the staff and professional operations. - Kay S. on 01/02/2018

You have a great curriculum and the kids are exposed to so many things. The day to day learning environment is wonderful and teaches the kids so much. Keep it up we love you. - Adrian R. on 01/02/2018

Everything! From the incredible staff to the curriculum and cleanliness!! - Kimberly C. on 12/26/2017

The staff is wonderful,the education is awesome, and the activities that are planned each day are perfect for stimulating my son's mind. I love that I can always call and get updates on my son and that there is a way I can see what he is up to during the day. - Andrew C. on 12/16/2017

Professional and caring. - Linda C. on 12/10/2017

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