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The summer camp CampVentures curriculum is built upon a series of two-week themes designed to inspire your child to explore, create, interact, and stay active during the summer months. Developmentally appropriate games accompany each theme to enhance what your child has already learned. CampVentures is designed for children up to age 12 and is another way Kiddie Academy gives your child Life Essentials. Children spend quality time participating in water play and physical fitness activities, and some age groups will have the ability to go on many fun and educational field trips throughout the summer.

Each two week theme contains a variety of activities including:

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What Kiddie Academy Parents are Saying

Great curriculum! - Amanda P. on 12/11/2018

Friendly staff and clean environment - Nikolina G. on 12/02/2018

How they take the time to teach my three year old granddaughter different things. My granddaughter love the school and I love how she learn so much since she attending Kiddie Academy. - Lakesha S. on 11/27/2018

The facility is well maintained, the use of the app is amazing and our daughter seems very happy there overall. - Robert H. on 11/27/2018

Open communication, teachers and management staff are excellent, and both my boys are genuinely happy when there - Liz P. on 11/20/2018

Awesome teachers, curriculum, activities, clean facility - Jamie O. on 11/20/2018

The school offers a variety of different activities to help all sorts of learners. I feel my child is exposed to many different things that a normal day care would not provide. - Nicole H. on 11/13/2018

I love how the teachers really care about the kids. My daughter has learned a lot from Kiddie Academy. - Kristina S. on 11/06/2018

The staff is very trustable and caring. I feel comfortable leaving my kids there - Sarah A. on 10/28/2018

The teachers are awesome as well as the administrators. - Victoria P. on 09/18/2018

Hands on learning - Theresa F. on 01/07/2019

I like how engaged the teachers are with the kids. My daughter loves all the teachers. - Angelica B. on 12/29/2018

Great place kids learn a lot. Also helps kids to be more advanced - Nisha S. on 12/24/2018

Great staff and caring personnel! - Natalya E. on 12/18/2018

Great staff, structured environment. My son is learning a lot! - Justyna J. on 12/04/2018

You are very hands on with the kids. Very tentative to the kids and always making sure they are engaged. - Amanda M. on 11/23/2018

I like that my child is engaged in activities all day. When I pick him up from his classroom he likes to show me all the toys he can play with. I also like that the center is very clean and I love the tadpole daily report. My child seems happy when I pick him… - Ashley W. on 11/18/2018

Great teachers, clean facility, healthy food, great curriculum. Every thing that my child needs. - Ritesh G. on 11/04/2018

I have nothing but positive expierences from the facility my daughters attend. The staff is so polite and encouraging. I feel my kids are at their 2nd home when I drop them off. - Samantha H. on 10/07/2018

hands on learning and engaging the child - Theresa F. on 10/02/2018

The caring staff always makes my child feel welcome. - Jackie C. on 01/11/2019

Very nice staff and facilities. However, lots of teacher swapping and turn over in classes can get confusing. - Malcom V. on 12/18/2018

You treat my son as an individual with his own personality, strengths and challenges. You provide a warm and welcoming environment for both the kids and their parents. The staff genuinely care about the children. - Karen M. on 12/11/2018

Lots of variety in the activities children get to do. Enthusiastic staff Healthy, interesting food served to expand children’s palettes. - Bianca W. on 12/06/2018

Where do I begin... The entire staff is wonderful, the beautiful and clean facility, the academic program is stellar, the daily reports are so helpful, etc. The list goes on and on... I am thankful everyday that we switched to this school because my child is happy, healthy, engaged in learning and enjoys her school.… - Mary M. on 12/05/2018

I love how excited my son is when he comes home every day - he loves the activities, and his teachers. I have seen him grow and blossom so much this past year, and he wants to read ALL THE TIME! He's writing his name, learning math and knows almost all the names of the… - Rebecca D. on 12/04/2018

Everyone there has been great. They understand each child's abilities & faults, and works with them to get the best out of that child. I am always getting info on how my child is doing & what she might need more help on. She loves everyone there too. Giving them hugs when we leave. She… - Maria B. on 12/04/2018

The warm and friendly teachers and staff. My daughter is so happy and loves coming to Kiddie Academy! - Julie B. on 11/15/2018

My son’s teachers seem to truly care about him. - Melissa L. on 10/10/2018

Loving teachers - Anna J. on 10/02/2018

Secured entry, on line picture, and friendly teachers - Toshio S. on 01/09/2019

scheduled and thoughtful education of preschool classroom, deliberate teachings for all classrooms. - Pamela R. on 12/05/2018

Great place to have it. - Orkhan S. on 12/04/2018

I love that Kiddie Academy has a lot to teach and offer my daughter. She has learned so much from talking more to trying new things. They have helped her explore more of everyday little things. I’m absolutely happy with Kiddie Acedemy. - Reyna J. on 11/13/2018

The awesome directors! - Jaime W. on 10/16/2018

I love that all the teachers and staff know each child by name. I like that even in play there is learning. - Barbara F. on 10/10/2018

The entire staff is qualified, professional, enthusiastic, and most importantly- shows genuine love toward all the kids. They run a safe and seamless operation and the curriculum and values are amazing, evidenced by what my child has learned and demonstrated both academically and also emotionally and socially. - Susannah H. on 10/10/2018

It's very clean and nicely maintained. The teachers are very good and the food service is also good. - Riti B. on 10/02/2018

We love Kiddie Academy of Arlington Heights! My children have been attending since they were babies and we have had such a positive experience. The teachers are so nurturing while providing a structured learning environment. They take pictures and videos throughout the day and send home lots of art projects. They also have an on-site… - Mary B. on 09/27/2018

My daughter feels safe and happy there. They do a great job with making all the kids comfortable and they are welcoming and always seem attentive to the kids. I’ve never picked up my daughter and seen them on their phone or chatting with each other for example. They are always engaged with all the… - Kate S. on 09/23/2018

I love the teachers and how well they communicate with the parents on the child’s day. If anything ever happens, no matter how small the incident they call you right away. It’s just a relief knowing your child is in the best hands when you drop them off. It really gives me a peace of… - Rosie D. on 01/12/2019

I love that every teacher welcomes my children and they can share valuable information about their days. - Christina F. on 11/23/2018

We are impressed by the cleanliness of the entire facility, the refresh cycle of the toys, and the curriculum. Our kids are happy and are learning so much. - Elissa K. on 11/16/2018

I love that the teachers and staff go above and beyond to make myself and my son feel comfortable. The teachers and staff are so friendly and I know my son is being well taken care of while he is at school. - Kelly P. on 10/22/2018

Staff is so welcoming. Facility clean and organized. Both my girls love their teachers and learn so much! - Christy G. on 07/27/2018

Excellent director. Nice teachers with very low turnover. Very clean environment. - Amory D. on 06/02/2018

I like that is very student oriented. The staff always makes you feel welcomed. All of the teachers are very pleasant with the kids and the parents. The kids seemed to always be engaged in the lesson. Their day is very structured for the kids learning. - Monica M. on 05/26/2018

I like the open environment and warm feel. I like that the director knows all the kids. I like that the teachers are friendly and loving. I like the reports. - Rachel B. on 05/26/2018

We are pleased with the variety of activities for our kids. They never get bored because there are always new items being introduced. The staff is top-notch! When your kids jump out of your arms to go to their teachers, it speaks volumes. - Elissa K. on 05/11/2018

My children have attended Kiddie Academy since they opened. The teachers are phenomenal, they are extremely caring and run very well organized, coordinated classrooms. The facility itself is extremely clean, the toys are frequently updated and the directors are extremely involved. Choosing a daycare was not an easy decision but I consider myself fortunate to… - Nicolette O. on 04/23/2018

We love the fun activities and songs that our daughter comes home singing. She also loves her teachers and friends and talks about them all the time. The tadpole app is also awesome, only wish we got to see pictures through out the day instead of after we sign out. In the grand scheme of… - Patty M. on 11/13/2018

The educational aspect is truly great and it’s helped prepare my daughter for preschool tremendously. - Amanda G. on 09/25/2018

Seeing them make advances, intellectually and emotionally, and knowing Kiddie Academy is a large part of this makes us happy to have found this school. - Mike L. on 09/24/2018

I like the care they give to my daughter - Rahul V. on 09/08/2018

Friendly, approachable teachers - Poornima R. on 06/30/2018

Kiddie Academy is a place where my daughter learns something new every day. The teachers are wonderful, and truly care about each child in their classroom. - Jenny C. on 06/08/2018

Wll - Anuraq J. on 06/02/2018

Great place for kids ! - Renuka D. on 05/29/2018

Good balance of unstructured play with engaging educational games, toys, crafts, and activities. Both of my children seem happy and like their teachers. Teachers are genuinely friendly, appear to enjoy their jobs, and communicate well with parents. The facility is clean and the food offered is made in house and fresh. - Julie H. on 05/05/2018

I like that the staff is very friendly & has a very personal relationship with the children in their classes. I also like the variety of food that is served and the activities - Ashley A. on 05/04/2018

I feel very comfortable leaving my child at Kiddie Academy of Batavia. The staff is very friendly. The director is very fast at clearing any questions or concerns I may have. - Yanet J. on 01/08/2019

You find creative and interactive ways to teach the kids new concepts. The playground is very stimulating and in very good condition. You take the children out to play often. That's VERY important. - Neenah G. on 12/09/2018

Love the teachers, facility, curriculum, security measures, and app for communication. Everything has been great. - Elisabeth C. on 12/04/2018

My son is always coming home with new skills that he has learned. The pictures that come home show me and my husband what he is learning throughout the day. I recieved a video of him making the duck noise, and that was the first time that I heard him do it! The teachers have… - Kristen B. on 11/27/2018

I love the instruction my child receives while at the center. I love seeing pictures and detailed information about what he does all day. I've seen him grow so much since he started here! - Courtney F. on 11/19/2018

Staff is extremely friendly and personable. They know who I am and my child is the moment we walk through the door. I have seen the progression in my child’s educational and social skills. Plus my daughter really enjoys attending. - Jessica S. on 11/17/2018

The teachers...all of them...are just amazing. They treat each kid like their own - Lexie A. on 11/11/2018

Wonderful staff who genuinely care about our children - always have exciting and new things to do with the kids. They are so accommodating to parents schedules and specific needs - Tyler D. on 10/30/2018

Loving teachers! - Alma R. on 09/25/2018

Love Kiddie! - James K. on 09/15/2018

Everybody is so nice to my kids (and to us). It really does feel like a family and we are grateful to not have to worry about our kids being taken care of during the day. Communication is great. - Lara S. on 01/08/2019

Friendly atmosphere and my child loved it there - Romel S. on 01/04/2019

The Curriculum is current and tailored to the kids age groups. - Latisha J. on 12/26/2018

We like the well rounded curriculum. - Katie T. on 12/18/2018

Kiddie Academy is more than just a daycare and a school. It is a family that continues to do the best, and want the best for your children. Thank you to all of the staff that keep my children safe, happy, and healthy! Best educational care in Bolingbrook!!!! - Erin M. on 11/28/2018

It prepares my child for school. - Jo-El G. on 11/13/2018

I can tell that the staff really does care about about my child. - Robin P. on 10/16/2018

The staff is very caring. Everyone knows my daughter by name and greets her. Everyone has a positive and calming attitude. Most importantly, my daughter has learned so much in just 2 days a week. - Kelly F. on 09/30/2018

Kiddie Academy is very responsive to any concerns you may have and is always looking to improve the services they provide. I've noticed a huge difference over the last couple of years in terms of the level of growth in both academics and social interaction with my boys. - Matt E. on 09/25/2018

I like that I feel connected to my child, receiving daily updates on what my child did/ate/napped during the day gives me ma sense of security. - Griselda R. on 09/24/2018

They really work with you. - DeCarla D. on 01/03/2019

Professionalism - The teachers present themselves very well. Informed - The teachers give personal attention to each child and seem to know what is going on about the child. Good Communication - The management are always informed on the children situation. Safe - The children are well taken care of. Diversity - There is a… - Lucy K. on 12/27/2018

The staff, Jamie, Christine, Ms Allison, Ms MaryAnn, Ms Marissa, Ms Cory, are all very friendly. My children have learned a lot being there. I specially like the programs they have. The is one in particular for parents. They teach ways for us to be involved in the teaching process of our children. - Mayra R. on 12/04/2018

Teachers are so caring and kids follow their instructions and learn discipline faster - Swati Rupa D. on 11/28/2018

The teachers and their hands on. Teaching with kids. Getting updates daily on what my child has done. - Tanya L. on 10/30/2018

very caring and friendly teachers - Stephanie L. on 09/30/2018

Staff is very nice and professional and understands the. Reds of my special needs son. - Heather K. on 09/26/2018

Friendliness of staff.... quality of educational setting - Nora K. on 09/25/2018

Everything! I love that they send me pictures throughout the day of what my daughter is doing. It’s keeps me at peace knowing she’s not only learning but also having fun! - Luz A. on 09/25/2018

My kids and I love kiddie academy ! I’m very glad that this was my first and only daycare my kids were at .Great teachers and a great school over all!! - Tiffany H. on 08/15/2018

Very accommodating directors, teachers who care about my children. - Anne G. on 11/30/2018

Organization - Petrolina A. on 11/27/2018

I love that the director and teachers are so attentive to all the children. They know all the children Ann’s their parents by name. Also love the tadpole app!! I can also tell my son loves going there because cries to go there at times! Thank you for everything!! - Janice M. on 10/20/2018

Having attended a few other daycares in the past, I can honestly say that KA of Plainfield is by far the best childcare we’ve ever received. Everyone is warm and inviting the minute you walk through the door. It truly feels like a family. My son is learning so much more than he has anywhere… - Amanda O. on 10/13/2018

It's a welcoming environment, my son looks forward to coming to school everyday, and majority of the staff members are friendly. Academically, I like the various subjects that are being introduced to the children. The director, Jayme is very professional, friendly, and interactive. Cool place! A.S. - Ayisatu S. on 10/13/2018

Friendly, Clean, organized. I really enjoy kiddie academy, as does my daughter. I wish she could attend everyday, she’s learning so much and developing a great social life. I feel comfortable and confident sending her there because I know she’s in good hands! - Leticia R. on 09/21/2018

KA takes great care of my son while giving him structured learning. He has grown leaps and bounds since he’s been going there. Best decision we’ve made! Everyone there is friendly and really seems to love what they do. - Elizabeth P. on 08/25/2018

The Teachers, the cleanliness, and the educational curriculum - Nicole W. on 08/24/2018

I like that the children have structured activities throughout the day. My child is always talking about the projects she has done with her classmates. There is also no time for the children to misbehave since they are so busy. I just wish I would have started my child there sooner. The staff is always… - Alba A. on 08/04/2018

Everything - Daniela C. on 07/22/2018

We love the staff, curriculum, safety and cleanliness. Every day you walk in, it's clean, smells good and you are welcomed with a smile. - Kimberly C. on 01/12/2019

Very attentive to the children. You can tell they truely love and care about the children. They also go the extra mile to help parents and the kids feel as if they are apart of a family. - Shonette S. on 12/16/2018

Facility is clean and hygienic. Teachers are caring and compassionate. Food quality is good. I can definitely see good behaviour and positive growth in my child. Thanks Kiddie Academy! - Shipra G. on 12/14/2018

The staff. - Heather O. on 11/27/2018

The teachers, pictures and daily reports. The attention to the care and safety for my children, including transportation from school. - Sarah M. on 11/13/2018

Everythig, I love how much the teachers care about kids. how clean the center is. Nice staff. - Ebelin A. on 11/06/2018

Good educational curriculum for kids and safe environment. - Anais C. on 10/29/2018

Curriculum, teacher to child ratio, daily log and photos, intimacy with child, bright clean facility - Dionne W. on 10/17/2018

I love that my child comes home excited to tell me about her day and all that she learned. I know that her teachers love her and make her feel special. - Alyssa K. on 10/08/2018

My son has learned so much in the couple years he has been attending and the teachers are wonderful. Caring, patient and you can truly see that they care. - Lynnette B. on 08/09/2018

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