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The summer camp CampVentures curriculum is built upon a series of two-week themes designed to inspire your child to explore, create, interact, and stay active during the summer months. Developmentally appropriate games accompany each theme to enhance what your child has already learned. CampVentures is designed for children up to age 12 and is another way Kiddie Academy gives your child Life Essentials. Children spend quality time participating in water play and physical fitness activities, and some age groups will have the ability to go on many fun and educational field trips throughout the summer.

Each two week theme contains a variety of activities including:

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What Kiddie Academy Parents are Saying

The teachers are awesome as well as the administrators. - Victoria P. on 09/18/2018

They make you feel like you are family not just a paying customer - Abbie S. on 09/16/2018

The teachers and entire staff make KA of Darien a loving and trustworthy environment to leave my kids each day. - Christine P. on 09/15/2018

The caring, understanding, trying to accommodate and attitudes of the staff. Everyone is warm and friendly. They listen to the concerns. They are great with the children (soothing and making them comfortable and safe). My son has learned a lot (recognizing some letters and counting) in a short time. I'm so thankful for Kiddie Academy… - Lashaunda D. on 08/28/2018

How the teaches spend a lot of time with the kids and teaching the kids different things. - Lakesha S. on 08/25/2018

Structured learning, awesome teacher, great activities and indoor gym plus availability of lessons from other groups (soccer, tennis, etc). - Kim V. on 08/19/2018

KA is like a second family for Chase. We're all very happy with this school - Jennifer K. on 08/13/2018

I love home much the teachers really enjoy the children. They are focused on creating a real educational experience at such a young age. Thank you! - Tanya L. on 08/06/2018

The amount of one on one time you give to each child - Sarah A. on 07/24/2018

The staff is very kind and caring. They communicate what is going on in our kids classrooms and the school so we always know what is going on. - Lisa P. on 07/24/2018

I have nothing but positive expierences from the facility my daughters attend. The staff is so polite and encouraging. I feel my kids are at their 2nd home when I drop them off. - Samantha H. on 10/07/2018

hands on learning and engaging the child - Theresa F. on 10/02/2018

This place is awesome. I have a 2 yr old an 1 yr old who are trained from this school to be very professional, and the brain development is amazing. My 2yr is speaking clear full sentences, coloring very well, can speak abcd's and 1-30 on their own. my 1yr is eating fully independently, walking/running,… - Nisha S. on 09/20/2018

I like the classroom settings as well as the one on one time with the kids, how well the the teachers interact with the kids and encourage positive behaviors and learning styles as well as teaching the kids independence . - Tiffany G. on 09/11/2018

Extremely hands on — everyone in the building is 100% involved! Everyone is smiling and very knowledgeable in thier roles! The Director and Asst. Director really run a great model of excellence within their staff. Love love love that we have joined the KIDDIE Acad. FAMILY! - Christie B. on 08/11/2018

At such a young age my son has learned so much. And I love that the teachers here give all their attention and do one-on-ones with the kids. - Mazina D. on 08/06/2018

The director is awesome:) - Michelle J. on 07/17/2018

Michelle and Nicole create a familial atmosphere. We feel welcomed everytime we enter the building. I enjoy seeing all of the activities that my son engages in throughout the day with the Tadpoles App. He's made a lot of friends and talks about them all the time. - Jeron S. on 07/17/2018

The school, the activities, and the teachers! - Rachel M. on 07/01/2018

Cleanliness, very good teachers both professionally as well as kind at heart, balanced program and activities. - Ritesh G. on 07/01/2018

My son’s teachers seem to truly care about him. - Melissa L. on 10/10/2018

Loving teachers - Anna J. on 10/02/2018

Kiddie Academy provide my children with a loving, nutritious and educational environment to grow. They are focus on growing the facility and expanding their offerings! - Leonna M. on 09/18/2018

I love Kiddie Academy! I love that every single person in the building knows my child. The teachers in her room are kind and caring. My daughter gets excited every time she walks into the building. - Kelly B. on 09/18/2018

The curriculum and activities - Deanna G. on 08/28/2018

The structure and care in the classroom is wonderful. Jameson comes home with stories every day about fun activities and interactions with teachers and classmates. He loves going to school and doesn’t want to leave when I pick him up. - Rebecca D. on 08/28/2018

Very caring ! We loved it - Jessie W. on 07/17/2018

The staff and teachers are friendly, caring and dedicated to the children’s development and education. Also the facility is clean and new. They are expanding to have an indoor all purpose room/gym, which will be great in the cold months!!! - Leonna M. on 06/20/2018

We’ve seen progression with our daughter’s writing skills, love the theme weeks and that through that the teachers incorporate science, math, reading, and fun activities and that our daughter is happy and enjoying her day - Maegan C. on 06/13/2018

Kiddie Academy is extremely responsive whenever we have dealt with a challenge or growing pain. They have made such an effort to provide new challenges when our daughter needed them and the administration listens - but more importantly - REACTS whenever we have voiced concerns or requests regarding her education. - Michelle M. on 06/13/2018

The awesome directors! - Jaime W. on 10/16/2018

I love that all the teachers and staff know each child by name. I like that even in play there is learning. - Barbara F. on 10/10/2018

The entire staff is qualified, professional, enthusiastic, and most importantly- shows genuine love toward all the kids. They run a safe and seamless operation and the curriculum and values are amazing, evidenced by what my child has learned and demonstrated both academically and also emotionally and socially. - Susannah H. on 10/10/2018

It's very clean and nicely maintained. The teachers are very good and the food service is also good. - Riti B. on 10/02/2018

We love Kiddie Academy of Arlington Heights! My children have been attending since they were babies and we have had such a positive experience. The teachers are so nurturing while providing a structured learning environment. They take pictures and videos throughout the day and send home lots of art projects. They also have an on-site… - Mary B. on 09/27/2018

My daughter feels safe and happy there. They do a great job with making all the kids comfortable and they are welcoming and always seem attentive to the kids. I’ve never picked up my daughter and seen them on their phone or chatting with each other for example. They are always engaged with all the… - Kate S. on 09/23/2018

Care about the kids. - Delia M. on 09/05/2018

I love the way that all the teachers and staff know each child. I feel very comfortable leaving my children there everyday knowing that the teachers and staff genuinely care about my children. My kids seem to enjoy their time at the center and the structured learning is fun for them. - Barbara F. on 07/03/2018

We are very happy with Kiddie Academy! We drop our son off at KA knowing he will be safe, well taken care of, and have a fun/educational day! The teachers and staff are great! In addition to the the confidence we have in KA, the communication through the Tadpole app is spectacular! When at work,… - Pamela K. on 06/26/2018

The individual attention and level of interaction the teachers take with the children is unparalleled. I feel like the communication between the teachers and parents is great, transparent, and thorough. I feel 100% comfortable leaving my daughter in their care each day and I feel she has learned SO much in her time at Kiddie… - Ashley L. on 06/14/2018

Staff is so welcoming. Facility clean and organized. Both my girls love their teachers and learn so much! - Christy G. on 07/27/2018

Excellent director. Nice teachers with very low turnover. Very clean environment. - Amory D. on 06/02/2018

I like that is very student oriented. The staff always makes you feel welcomed. All of the teachers are very pleasant with the kids and the parents. The kids seemed to always be engaged in the lesson. Their day is very structured for the kids learning. - Monica M. on 05/26/2018

I like the open environment and warm feel. I like that the director knows all the kids. I like that the teachers are friendly and loving. I like the reports. - Rachel B. on 05/26/2018

We are pleased with the variety of activities for our kids. They never get bored because there are always new items being introduced. The staff is top-notch! When your kids jump out of your arms to go to their teachers, it speaks volumes. - Elissa K. on 05/11/2018

My children have attended Kiddie Academy since they opened. The teachers are phenomenal, they are extremely caring and run very well organized, coordinated classrooms. The facility itself is extremely clean, the toys are frequently updated and the directors are extremely involved. Choosing a daycare was not an easy decision but I consider myself fortunate to… - Nicolette O. on 04/23/2018

The staff is the best part of kiddie academy Oswego. My sons teachers in the khoala room go above and beyond and are incredible. I love that my son is learning but also gets to socialize and take part in creativity every time he goes. I’m so thankful for everyone at this location for all… - Kelly P. on 04/13/2018

Fun Child Centered Hands On Learning - Sarah K. on 04/03/2018

I love the care from the teachers. I love that my daughter started at kiddie academy 1.5 yrs ago and she has accelerated in so much since she’s been attending KA. - Gina R. on 03/24/2018

When I walked through the doors of Kiddie Academy of Oswego I knew I had found the perfect place for my daughter. She has grown so much since attending. The staff there are amazing! - Aaliesha A. on 01/10/2018

The educational aspect is truly great and it’s helped prepare my daughter for preschool tremendously. - Amanda G. on 09/25/2018

Seeing them make advances, intellectually and emotionally, and knowing Kiddie Academy is a large part of this makes us happy to have found this school. - Mike L. on 09/24/2018

I like the care they give to my daughter - Rahul V. on 09/08/2018

Friendly, approachable teachers - Poornima R. on 06/30/2018

Kiddie Academy is a place where my daughter learns something new every day. The teachers are wonderful, and truly care about each child in their classroom. - Jenny C. on 06/08/2018

Wll - Anuraq J. on 06/02/2018

Great place for kids ! - Renuka D. on 05/29/2018

Good balance of unstructured play with engaging educational games, toys, crafts, and activities. Both of my children seem happy and like their teachers. Teachers are genuinely friendly, appear to enjoy their jobs, and communicate well with parents. The facility is clean and the food offered is made in house and fresh. - Julie H. on 05/05/2018

I like that the staff is very friendly & has a very personal relationship with the children in their classes. I also like the variety of food that is served and the activities - Ashley A. on 05/04/2018

Directors are awesome.. Teachers are great!! - Shawn R. on 04/27/2018

Loving teachers! - Alma R. on 09/25/2018

Love Kiddie! - James K. on 09/15/2018

During Camp Ventures we appreciated the fact he was still maintaining a level of "school" based curriculum with camp journal and writing activities. Love that Luka has a chance to participate in similar activities as the older kids. - Keisha B. on 09/05/2018

I love the communication about how my child is progressing. - Terri O. on 08/21/2018

Open communication with all staff. Great curriculum for pre-school and pre-k. Accommodating to schedule changes. - Kate W. on 07/16/2018

This facility has many caring teachers and fun activities for the children! - Kara P. on 07/13/2018

Everything. Everything about kiddie academy has been amazing since our daughter started over 4 yrs ago - Michelle B. on 05/07/2018

Love the facility. Love the teachers. Love that my little one is happy to go? - Lexie A. on 05/07/2018

Educational activities and programs that are used everyday.. help our child's development - Jeremy N. on 04/24/2018

Great teachers and Staff! My Child learns a lot everyday! - Amy H. on 04/16/2018

I can tell that the staff really does care about about my child. - Robin P. on 10/16/2018

The staff is very caring. Everyone knows my daughter by name and greets her. Everyone has a positive and calming attitude. Most importantly, my daughter has learned so much in just 2 days a week. - Kelly F. on 09/30/2018

Kiddie Academy is very responsive to any concerns you may have and is always looking to improve the services they provide. I've noticed a huge difference over the last couple of years in terms of the level of growth in both academics and social interaction with my boys. - Matt E. on 09/25/2018

I like that I feel connected to my child, receiving daily updates on what my child did/ate/napped during the day gives me ma sense of security. - Griselda R. on 09/24/2018

Kiddie Academy of Bolingbrook is a second family for my children and they LOVE it! The environment is more than welcoming and the staff makes it a point to greet you every day. We couldn't have made a better decision than to send our kids here. They receive the attention and care they need, and… - Erin M. on 08/22/2018

It helps set up what she will experience on school - Jo-El G. on 08/11/2018

Very attentive staff - Beyaunah W. on 07/31/2018


Love the staff - Anna M. on 07/25/2018

♥️ - Elizabeth H. on 06/20/2018

very caring and friendly teachers - Stephanie L. on 09/30/2018

Staff is very nice and professional and understands the. Reds of my special needs son. - Heather K. on 09/26/2018

Friendliness of staff.... quality of educational setting - Nora K. on 09/25/2018

Everything! I love that they send me pictures throughout the day of what my daughter is doing. It’s keeps me at peace knowing she’s not only learning but also having fun! - Luz A. on 09/25/2018

My kids and I love kiddie academy ! I’m very glad that this was my first and only daycare my kids were at .Great teachers and a great school over all!! - Tiffany H. on 08/15/2018

My daughter's teachers treat her like their own! She's able to tell me about her day, enjoys going to "school" as we call it, and has built friendships. I know she is taken care of nutritionally, educationally, and socially. The building is secure,and administration is visible - Nicole I. on 06/13/2018

Your staff is absolutely great with my autistic son. Very professional and extra programs are a plus. - Heather K. on 06/13/2018

I like how everyone knows my kids name and seem to really care about them on rough days when they don't want to leave my side. It makes leaving for work easier. - Christina W. on 05/22/2018

This is my child second family. The more time they are there their teacher knows how your child needs and wants. They are not only teaching them but show a bond between the teacher and student. As a parent seeing my child move up to another classroom it shows me that she had graduated from… - Lidia S. on 03/14/2018

My daughter is always happy when I pick her up. She looks forward to "school" and loves her teachers. The curriculum is well-rounded, and she is able to tell me about her day, when I show her the pictures from the app. Even when I pick her up, she enjoys staying a little longer to… - Nicole I. on 03/06/2018

I love that the director and teachers are so attentive to all the children. They know all the children Ann’s their parents by name. Also love the tadpole app!! I can also tell my son loves going there because cries to go there at times! Thank you for everything!! - Janice M. on 10/20/2018

Having attended a few other daycares in the past, I can honestly say that KA of Plainfield is by far the best childcare we’ve ever received. Everyone is warm and inviting the minute you walk through the door. It truly feels like a family. My son is learning so much more than he has anywhere… - Amanda O. on 10/13/2018

It's a welcoming environment, my son looks forward to coming to school everyday, and majority of the staff members are friendly. Academically, I like the various subjects that are being introduced to the children. The director, Jayme is very professional, friendly, and interactive. Cool place! A.S. - Ayisatu S. on 10/13/2018

Friendly, Clean, organized. I really enjoy kiddie academy, as does my daughter. I wish she could attend everyday, she’s learning so much and developing a great social life. I feel comfortable and confident sending her there because I know she’s in good hands! - Leticia R. on 09/21/2018

KA takes great care of my son while giving him structured learning. He has grown leaps and bounds since he’s been going there. Best decision we’ve made! Everyone there is friendly and really seems to love what they do. - Elizabeth P. on 08/25/2018

The Teachers, the cleanliness, and the educational curriculum - Nicole W. on 08/24/2018

I like that the children have structured activities throughout the day. My child is always talking about the projects she has done with her classmates. There is also no time for the children to misbehave since they are so busy. I just wish I would have started my child there sooner. The staff is always… - Alba A. on 08/04/2018

Everything - Daniela C. on 07/22/2018

Cleaning - Tatiana V. on 05/29/2018

The staff is always friendly and courteous! Our 4 yoa has most certainly seen the benefits, intellectually and socially, from the educational standards that Kiddie Academy [of Plainfield] promotes and we would highly recommend them to friends, family! - James V. on 05/26/2018

Curriculum, teacher to child ratio, daily log and photos, intimacy with child, bright clean facility - Dionne W. on 10/17/2018

I love that my child comes home excited to tell me about her day and all that she learned. I know that her teachers love her and make her feel special. - Alyssa K. on 10/08/2018

My son has learned so much in the couple years he has been attending and the teachers are wonderful. Caring, patient and you can truly see that they care. - Lynnette B. on 08/09/2018

Kiddie Academy's incredible staff and fantastic curriculum have kept it daughter progressing at an amazing pace for three+ years. I have the utmost confidence that she will get the most out of every day that she spends at Kiddie Academy! - Christopher A. on 08/06/2018

I love how all the teachers are there for my son. Knowing how difficult it is to handle my son, I appreciate the effort everyone does to make it an easy transition. I couldn't have asked for a better system to have my child go to! Thank you! - Kena C. on 07/24/2018

Everything! - Kimberly C. on 06/29/2018

Although I am not in class with my child I feel the curriculum is something she enjoys doing and IS learning. We discuss each day and she usually does so with enthusiasm and interest. I feel the teachers do a great job at keeping the children's attention and from keeping them from being bored or… - Mary T. on 06/17/2018

It is a place where my grandson feels safe and happy. He loves all his friends and is learning something new every day. - Linda C. on 06/05/2018

The tadpole app to receive info of their day. The convenience of signing in and out. The structure and curriculum of her daily routine has taught her a lot. - Jennah B. on 04/18/2018

It's educational , it really is. The activities the children do are really beneficial for them. It's not just a daycare where kids get cared for. At Kiddie Academy the expectations really are above and beyond. Great teachers and best of all , good program for students to follow and learn all year round. Thank… - Anais C. on 04/18/2018

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