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We Sent Our Children Back to Child Care

Parents everywhere understandably have some apprehension about whether or not to send their children back to child care. Let’s face…

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Kiddie Academy distance learning support

Make Virtual Learning Fun and Effective

For many of us, being sequestered in our homes has abruptly introduced us and our children to the world of…

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Quarantine is Hard On Us... And Our Kids

How do you handle a global pandemic? And even more challenging, how do you handle a global pandemic as a…

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Happy Father’s Day From Kiddie Academy!

Which Dad of Quarantine Are You? 2020 has been a weird year so far... and Father’s Day is a little bit…

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Easing the Stress of Quarantine

Being stuck at home with nowhere to go can be boring (at best) and isolating (at worst). If you’re quarantining…

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What Does Your Child Think You Do For Work?

Recently, I noticed on my calendar that April 23 was “Take Your Child to Work Day.” I laughed sarcastically since…

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Fun Parent Ideas

Why You Should Add Free Play to Your Schedule

Not long ago, we wrote about the importance of adding free play into your kids’ schedules. We hope we inspired…

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Kiddie Academy mom holding baby

Take a Mindful Minute With Your Kids Each Day

One effective way to deal with the pressure of Right Now is to make time each day to practice mindfulness.…

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