Exploring our neighbors

Exploration is a fun way for kids to fill up the summer months once school is out. But finding ways to explore with your kids is another ballgame. Parents and children young and old can relate to their town or neighborhood, so why not take the opportunity to explore it together?

Neighborhoods come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique characteristics. Have some fun with your family trekking around town learning about people, places and ways of getting around! Here are a few ideas to help build excitement surrounding your exploration:

  • Introduce the concept of your town or neighborhood with books! Clifford’s Neighborhood is an easy read to get things started.
  • Talk with your kids about the different people and jobs that make up your community. This is a great opportunity to teach about diversity by discussing how people in your neighborhood are the same and different and how that makes the neighborhood special.
  • Set up a DIY Cardboard Neighborhood station to really spark their imagination. You can also provide magazines that have photos of buildings, community helpers and transportations so they can create a neighborhood collage. Go one step further by taking actual pictures from your town or neighborhood!
  • Go for a field trip around your town or neighborhood, by foot or by car, and observe what makes your community unique. Is it the house on the corner, or maybe the local fire station or the friendly neighborhood restaurant that peaks your interest. Each location is sure to offer a different learning experience!
  • Let your tech-savvy kids create a neighborhood online using the Build a Neighborhood game. Creating neighborhoods in their artwork can help children realize there are lots of different kinds of communities.
  • Get moving outside by exploring ways to get around. If your family likes to ride bikes, go for an adventure and see where it takes you around your neighborhood. Grab some chalk and get your creative juices flowing as you traveling along the street to see where the sidewalk ends. Live in the city? Go for a fun trip on the bus or subway and explore public transportation.

While you’re out exploring with your family, don’t forget to talk about safety and what it means for your community. And most of all, have fun with your family as you set out on new adventures.