April 28, 2017

Happy National Super Hero Day!

Who’s your favorite superhero? Everyone has a superhero they look up to whether it be Clark Kent as Super Man, Wonder Woman, PJ Masks or Underdog.

We’re often captivated by their superhuman powers, stand-out personalities, inherent character values and the exciting life of fiction. Superheroes are probably known most for their courage.

In fact, many people associate courage with a heroic act or a brave deed. Something magical you turn on during bold, daring or fearless moments.

But courage isn’t always impressive and powerful.

Sometimes courage is a recognition of inner strength, integrity and honesty.

Courage can be as simple as standing up for yourself or a friend, or doing the right thing even when it’s not the easy choice. Courage can also mean trying something new, or showing empathy to your child during a moment of imperfection.

You don’t have to live in a comic book to be a superhero. At Kiddie Academy, we know a lot of parents who are everyday superheroes, too.

National Superhero Day was created to celebrate both our fictional superhero favorites, as well as the real superheroes in our everyday lives.

Tell us on Facebook who the superheroes are in your life, and send us pictures of your kids dressed as their favorite superheroes for a chance to be featured in our next Parenting Essentials newsletter! Send superhero kid pictures to bforney@kiddieacademy.com!


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