Toddler Halloween – Choosing the right costume

Halloween will be celebrated in record numbers in 2014. The National Retail Federation says the “total spending for the holiday on costumes, decorations, candy and more is estimated at $7.4 billion.” That’s insane (and completely unnecessary if you’re a parent)!

The Education team at Kiddie Academy has put together some quick tips for choosing the right costumes appropriate for toddlers to help ease any anxiety that comes with the occasion:

  • Avoid spending lots of money and make something simple. Your kids can be original and unique without breaking the bank. And, if you make the costume yourself, you’ll have a better sense of the material which will ultimately help your kids avoid rashes, environmental allergies or reactions to foreign fibers.
  • Stick to animals, occupation or favorite book character. This will be easy for children to relate to and will allow for their imagination to really shine.
  • Depending on where you live, make sure the costume is big enough to fit warm clothing underneath and keep footwear sensible.
  • Beware of choking hazards with costumes, accessories and trinkets.
  • Choose a light-colored costume because these are easily seen at night.

In addition to choosing the right costume, it’s important to reinforce safety. “Toddlers should not be out late for obvious reasons — they get tired, cranky, etc. – but also because they may be frightened of the other trick-or-treaters’ costumes after dark,” says Renee Thompson, director of curriculum at Kiddie Academy. “They may enjoy going to just a few houses, or staying home to see some of the trick-or-treaters at their house.”

Don’t forget to sneak in some educational fun with turning the review of your child’s candy haul into a sweet math activity.

Happy trick-or-treating!