Delight Your Kids With An Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

Valentine's Day Activity

Everybody loves to feel loved. When your child knows he or she is loved, it helps them develop the confidence and security they need for proper emotional development. Valentine’s Day presents a perfect opportunity to tell your children you love them, and we’ve got a simple, Instagram-worthy activity you can do for the next two weeks that will give them daily reminders of your love.

The concept is easy. Every day starting February 1, decorate a paper heart with a reason why you love your child. Then tape the hearts to their bedroom door and by the time Valentine’s Day arrives, the door has a beautiful display full of hearts.


Valentine's craft materials

  • Construction paper, preferably red or pink
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Tape

Step 1.

Use the scissors to cut heart shapes from the construction paper

Valentine's day craft

Step 2.

Each day, take one heart and write on it a reason you love your child

heart love notes

Step 3

Tape the heart to your child’s bedroom door

Heart notes on door

If you keep this up through Valentine’s Day, your child’s door will have a colorful display full of hearts and messages of love. And remember, love isn’t limited to Valentine’s Day. This is a declaration of love that you can continue to add to and display all year long!

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