A Valentine’s Dinner Game Your Family Will LOVE!

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Meal and snack time at Kiddie Academy are terrific times to teach our students good manners, sharing and engaging in conversation at family style dining tables. This Valentine’s Day, we are offering you a fun activity to add a little extra love at your family dinner table. Gather your loved ones to craft heartfelt questions that encourage dialog beyond the basic, “what did you do a school today” question.

Please enjoy our Valentine gift to help you enjoy a relaxed meal and lovable conversation with your family! Download our FREE guide with instructions and sample lovable questions.



Here’s what you’ll need: Valentine inspired paper, scissors, markers, medium size bowl

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Cut each paper into the shape of a heart. Write one question on each sheet of paper. Fold each heart in half and place into the bowl. Place the bowl on the table within your little one’s reach.

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Use these questions as conversation starters or help your child create their own questions.

  • – What makes you feel loved?
  • – What do you love about school?
  • – Pretend you are a photographer for a day and can photograph things you love. What would they be?
  • – Pretend you are a professional chef and you create a menu with foods you love. What would be on your menu?
  • – What do you love sharing with others?
  • – How do you show others that you love them?
  • – What season do you love? Why?
  • – Describe a great day! What do you love about that day? What makes is so special?
  • – What books do you love?
  • – What activity at school do you love?
  • – What is your favorite type of music? What do you love about your favorite song?
  • – What do you love about nature?

May you have sweet conversations this Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Conversation Hearts: Please enjoy our Valentine gift to help you enjoy a relaxed meal and lovable conversation with your family!

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