September 29, 2020

Exclusive Interview with PBS Kids’ Pinkalicious

Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care is proud to have a longstanding relationship with PBS Kids and many of the great shows on it. Among them is Pinkalicious & Peterrific, about an imaginative and adventurous girl who loves the color pink, and her little brother, the purple-clad Peterrific. We recently had an opportunity to talk to Pinkalicious and her producers about the show’s new podcast.

pinkalicious and peterrific

An Interview With Pinkalicious

KIDDIE ACADEMY: Tell us about your new podcast. What will we hear in each one?

PINKALICIOUS: Peterrific and I are so excited about our brand new, pinkamazing podcast which will be premiering in October! We’ve made 10 pinkcredible episodes where we sing some of our favorite songs from our TV show and ask our listeners to get creative with us. We can’t wait for everyone to join our listening party where we’ll play and sing, paint and dance, and have the most pinkerrific time together! So, get your dancing shoes, colored pencils and imaginations ready. We can’t wait for you to join us on these new adventures!

KA: How long is each podcast?

PINKALICIOUS: Each episode is around 10-15 minutes long and includes a special surprise segment featuring the Pinkalicious series author, Victoria Kann! It is so great to think pink and go behind the scenes with the person who started it all!

KA: How often will you put out a new one?

PINKALICIOUS: Peterrific’s favorite day of the week is Wednesday, so we thought that would be the pinkarfect time to share our new stories with our listeners! Our first two episodes of the podcast will come out Wednesday, October 28th! Every Wednesday after that, until December 23rd, you’ll get to hear another new episode.

KA: How does it tie into your TV show?

PINKALICIOUS: This is a great question for the people who make our TV show, so I’ll let the TV producers share more!

PRODUCERS: Thanks, Pinkalicious! The TV series, Pinkalicious & Peterrific is of course based on the best-selling picture books by Victoria Kann. The podcast strives to inspire the same creativity that both the TV series and the books embody. Like the TV series, the podcast brings to life stories featuring a robust arts curriculum. Each episode features an engaging simple story set around favorite songs from the TV series allowing fans to sing along to known tunes, and new listeners – experiencing Pinkalicious & Peterrific content for the first time – to fall in love with the world of Pinkville. Taking advantage of the podcast format, which allows for a more intimate experience than a typical TV episode, listeners have an opportunity to play and interact with Pinkalicious and Peter in an all new way. Throughout each episode, Pinkalicious and Peter break the fourth wall, prompting listeners to react and respond to questions and story points, allowing them to feel like they’re part of the story. Along with subscribing to the podcast itself, listeners can also sign up for the Pinkalicious & Peterrific Podcast Activity Series Guide which will serve as a companion resource to the podcast. The emailed guide will provide kids and their caregivers with select activities, reading list recommendations, and other resources, tied to each episode’s theme.

KA: Where can we find the podcasts?

PINKALICIOUS: That’s my favorite thing about podcasts! They are so easy to find and you can listen to them almost anywhere! Our podcast will be available on the brand-new PBS KIDS podcast player that will be located on the page. It will also be available anywhere you or your family likes to listen to podcasts (platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others)!

KA: How could our Kiddie Academy teachers find ways to tie into the podcast?

PINKALICIOUS: My teacher, Ms. Penny, says that podcasts are great for practicing listening skills. You can draw what you’re hearing in the story. All the fun sound effects are pretty cool, and each episode has a bunch of fun activities for listeners to do while enjoying our podcast. All of the songs we sing in the podcasts are pinkaperfect for sing-alongs, and I can almost promise that you’ll end up getting them stuck in your head! The Activity Series Guide that your teacher can sign up for also has loads of creative ideas, book recommendations, and more that tie into each episode.

KA: What age group is the podcast aimed at?

PINKALICIOUS: Like our TV show, the Pinkalicious & Peterrific Podcast is perfect for anyone with a super imagination! But Mommy recommends that kids from age 2 to 8 will have the most fun listening!

KA: What part of doing a podcast did you have the most fun with?

PINKALICIOUS: Well, Peterrific and I had a lot of fun making the podcast and recording our voices using grown-up microphones for these pinkatastic stories. The producers who helped us make this podcast possible also loved getting to feature their favorite songs from the TV series.

KA: What is your favorite podcast (besides yours)?

PINKALICIOUS: Ooh! Peterrific and I love an ice-cream-tastic podcast also made right here in Pinkville. Mr. Swizzle, who owns the ice cream store, has a fun podcast called, “The Pinkville Scoop.” But I think his Podcast is only available in Pinkville. But, the producers of our TV show do have one other favorite they’d like to share.

PRODUCERS: Thanks, Pinkalicious! Well, it’s hard not to be biased, but we happen to love the Molly of Denali Podcast which is also produced by GBH Kids. This series’ Podcast is launching its second season at the end of September, having had great success with their first Podcast Season which premiered in 2019.

We all can’t wait to launch the Pinkalicious & Peterrific Podcast in October! While we’re still finishing up the episodes and all of these great resources, we are so excited for you to tune in. Keep up with all of our podcast updates on our Pinkalicious & Peterrific social pages or on Kiddie Academy. Links to all of this content will be available soon!

KA: Thank you, Pinkalicious and producers. We can’t wait to hear the podcast!
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