June 17, 2016

5 Under-the-Sun Tips + Picks

Last week, we shared our Summer Wish List for families and Kiddie Academy’s VP of Education, Richard Peterson, shared three items his family never leaves the house without whether they’re with their 8 month old granddaughter or their 33 year old daughter: sunscreen, a hat and water. All three are key to having a great day in the sun versus a potential disaster with consequences for the whole family. Crying, heat exhaustion, sun burns and dehydration are all things that can be avoided with proper protection from the sun during long, hot summer days.

We all need sun exposure to some degree, as it’s a top source of Vitamin D helping our bodies absorb calcium which helps young kids (and adults!) build strong, healthy bones and teeth. Research suggests that Vitamin D can also supply a protective effect against multiple diseases like cancer and diabetes. Have you ever noticed being outside in the sun just makes you feel better, too? Researchers are discovering that increased sun exposure enhances your mood and energy!

Still, it doesn’t take long to get the Vitamin D you need from the sun and repeated sun exposure can cause skin damage, eye damage and more. It’s important to teach young kids how to have fun in the sun safely and take the right precautions to avoid burnout. Here are our picks for chairs, beach umbrellas, makeup with sunscreen and more to help you and your family get a jumpstart on staying safe under the sun this summer. We’re also pointing out a few things to think about when preparing your family for summer heat that might not have come directly to mind:

  1. Sleep wear. Nights will be warmer than normal, so those fleece-lined onesies, comforters and footie-PJs are going to be too hot for little ones in the summertime. Think about transitioning the whole family to more breathable, lighter sleep wear and blankets during the summer months.
  2. Eye wear. Eye damage can happen if you don’t protect yourself properly. Sunglasses can also prevent light sensitivity which can cause headaches. Check out the Babiators we spotted below – perfect for little ones who need eye protection from the sun as well!
  3. Hot cars and car seats. A car parked in direct sunlight on a very hot summer day can heat up more than 113 degrees in less than an hour. Those car seats are getting hot, too! Consider the metal pieces of the car seats before putting baby in the car on a hot day. There are car seat covers you can utilize to keep the seat temperature cooler and ready for baby when you return to the car.
  4. Hair and Face. There are many products on the market for both mom, dad and baby to protect your face (like makeup with sunscreen in it!), but many people will forget about the sun damage to their hair. Wear a hat or try out the pre-sun mist from Fekkai we found below, which has built-in UV protection.
  5. Alternatives to sunscreen lotion. We really like these sun sleeves for kids that use certified protective clothing to protect kids’ arms without risking allergic reaction or exposure to chemicals in traditional SPF sunscreen lotion. They also help keep lotions from being rubbed in your little one’s eyes or mouth by accident, which can happen sometimes during application and then play!




Dr. Jart Beauty Balm with SPF 45, This one-step balm perfects the appearance of the skin while protecting it from the sun with built-in SPF 45 coverage. It’s a moisturizer, sunscreen and treatment serum all in one with a lightweight formula that doesn’t feel like wearing sunscreen at all;    Anti-Gravity Chair with Sunshade, These innovative gravity free lounge chairs release stress and tension with their ergonomic design. They also keep you out of the sun;     Sport-Brella Umbrella, This umbrella offers instant protection from the sun, light rain and wind when you’re on the beach. It also provides enough air flow to keep cool under the sun even when the temperature is at its hottest;     Fekkai Pre Soleil Hair MistWhen a chic wide-brimmed hat just won’t do, spritz your locks with this pre-sun mist from Fekkai. With hydrating sunflower seed oil and an invisible UV filter, it promises to minimize color fade and keep hair hydrated, while adding shine and a subtle citrus scent;     Car Seat Sun Shade, Using a sun shade over your little one’s car seat is a great way to keep your car seat cool and to it protect from damaging UV sun rays. That way when a child climbs up to get in, they are not burned or find the seat too hot to sit in;     Baby Sun Tent, This tent is a great alternative to putting creams or lotions on a baby’s sensitive skin and it’s ideal to take camping, traveling and hiking all summer long;     Universal Stroller Umbrella, This handy parasol can be attached to any stroller to provide shade and flexible UV ray protection for your little one during stroller rides on sunny days;     Stroller Fan, This stroller fan takes 4 rechargeable batteries (included) and a USB AC Wall charger. The fan has more than 5 hours of battery life on high settings and 9 hours on medium settings. For trips to Disney, Hawaii, the beach or just the neighborhood summer concert or movie night, this can be a life saver when your little ones are hoping to keep cool;      Crescent Beach Sun Hat, When the weather warms up, this sun hat with an extra-wide brim is easy-to-pack and its foldable material is the ideal packable accessory for a day in the sun;     Muslin Sleep Sack, Summer is here and it’s time to transition baby from those fleece-lined sleep sacks and footie-PJs to more breathable materials they’ll (hopefully) sleep all night in;     Badger Balm, Powered by zinc oxide, all-natural cream from Badger Balm is certified as 94 percent organic. Not only are the plant-oils, like sunflower and jojoba, super moisturizing, but the lotion is also water resistant up to 40 minutes;     Babiators, Babiators sunglasses for babies and kids have 100% UV protection and flexible, durable frames. They’re also stylish so your little one will be the coolest kid around.

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