Saving Money on Work-Related Purchases

Ever feel like you can’t earn money fast enough to support all the purchases that get you through the work week—like professional clothes, transportation, child care costs and those must-have caffeine boosters? If so, try these cost-cutting strategies.

Sign up for a flexible spending account (FSA). A FSA helps defray the cost of child care by allowing you to set aside up to $5,000 annually for child care costs. The best part? They’re pre-taxed dollars. If you haven’t already, inquire at your human resources office.

Re-think your commuting options. Travel by car alone to work? If so, try a fuel- and cost-efficient option. There’s carpooling: Someone three streets away might be headed to the same office building. Explore public transportation. Or, get your bike out of the garage. Too long of a commute? Break it up with mass transit—many light rails and buses now accommodate bikes.

Nix dry cleaning. Before you purchase your next work ensemble, consider clothes you can wash and wear over those that require dry cleaning. Getting into this habit now could save you a bundle in the long-term.

Make fewer coffee pit stops. Yes, a frothy latte on the way to work tastes wonderful. So too does that pick-me-up coffee mid-afternoon. But as you’re sipping away, your money is slipping away. So dust off that old coffee maker in your attic, or pitch in with your colleagues to buy an espresso maker and still enjoy indulgent coffee breaks.


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