Complete Our Summer Technology Missions!

August 17, 2016


By now, you’ve seen a few of the Summer Missions we developed to take the guesswork out of your summer “fun list” by giving you a checklist of awesome activities to do with your kids before autumn days move in.

Each set of 15 missions is organized under a pillar from Kiddie Academy’s Life Essentials® curriculum: Character Education, Health & Fitness, Curriculum and Technology. Check them off one-by-one as you complete each mission, just pick out the ones that your family might enjoy the most, or cross them off as you do them throughout the summer anyway. Share footage of your mission progress with Kiddie Academy by tagging #missioncomplete on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Here are 15 Summer Missions that will help you explore more of the technology that surrounds you every day:

Copy of Summer Missions- tech

We want kids and their families to make fun their mission this summer. Which mission will you complete with your kids? Stay tuned as we release more Summer Missions under the Life Essentials Curriculum pillar next! You won’t want to miss them!

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