Dad-friendly playtime ideas

If you haven’t noticed by now, the roles of mothers and fathers have begun to converge. And just as the American family changes, fatherhood is changing in important ways too, which is a good thing.

More time with dad also means more time for fun! All parents want to build a relationship with their child and what better way than with playtime!

Here are some dad-friendly bonding ideas, just in time for Father’s Day!

  • Take your child on a date! Nothing says “bonding” like some one-on-one time with your child. Whether you attend a sporting event, plan a picnic, visit the zoo or just play games at home, having a special time set aside for a “date” is both fun and memorable. Remember to keep the focus on your child and plan activities that are appealing to his or her interests.
  • Make dinner together. Fathers know intuitively that health is important to their children, and mealtimes are an important part of building family ties. Throw in an element of fun with a food fight or attempting to eat with your hands tied together!
  • Let adventure be your guide. Whether you’re having a spontaneous dance party or playing dress-up then going to the store together in your outfits, let adventure lead the way. Laughter is sure to ensue and the memories will be invaluable.
  • Think like a kid again. Kids use their imagination on a daily basis, so let your child take the reins on this one. Try building a fort, pretend to be monsters or collect props from around the house and see where the story takes you!

No matter what development stage children are in, a father-figure of any kind plays a crucial role. For more information, visit

Are you a father? Tell us about your favorite playtime memory with your children in the comments section below!

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