December 7, 2011

The Fight

I was at work yesterday and my phone rings.  As most people do, I checked the phone number to see if I recognized it.  It was one of those familiar looking numbers that I just couldn’t place.  So, feeling like I needed to add a little risk to my day in the office, I answered the call.  Turns out it was the principal of my sons’ school.  She said, “Andrew was in a fight today and I would like to meet with you, Andrew and his mother tomorrow morning to discuss this.”

My first reaction was to ask if he won, but I stopped in mid-sentence and asked if the boys involved were OK.  I kind of already knew Andrew would be – he’s just that kind of a kid. 

Andrew is six and actually having a pretty good year in kindergarten, so this was a surprise.  And, although he is a stocky, tough little guy, it is not like him to start fights with other kids.  When I got home and asked what happened, he told me he was standing in line waiting to go to after-school care.  The line started moving, but Mason, the boy in front of him, wouldn’t move.  So, Andrew eventually pushed him to get him going.  Mason didn’t like it so he pushed Andrew back, and then fists flew.

So, this morning we were all walking up to the school and I have to admit my palms got a little sweaty.  It took me back to when I was a kid and was sent to the principal’s office.  I quickly reviewed with my son the list of three alternative ways to handle his now infamous class line situation.  Well, after the principal lectured us for a few minutes, she asked Andrew what else he could have done, and he looked at me and said, “Dad, I only remember two.”    He cleared his throat and gave two viable alternatives and took his punishment like a big boy – three days of no recess.  Some lessons you learn the hard way!

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