May 23, 2016

Finding Your Mom Tribe


The well-known vulnerability theorist and author, Brene Brown, spoke about the difference between empathy and sympathy in a 2010 TED Talk. She pointed out that empathy is the art of sharing a listening, caring ear and helping others feel heard, cared about and understood. The end result of empathy is love and acceptance.

People who are very empathetic are attuned to the feelings of others. They can read a situation and imagine it from the other person’s perspective. The experience of parenting can be a powerful driver of empathy, particularly among mothers. It’s easy to imagine another mother’s perspective when you’ve lived it. It’s not hard to see, hear and understand what another mother is going through – because maybe you’ve been through it, too.

Finding and meeting other women who are empathetic to your parenting experiences as a mother is discovering a new tribe. This Mom Tribe is vital to modern-day motherhood. They are like-minded moms who empower, inspire and motivate you while also giving you the clarity you need to keep your priorities in focus. They’re the moms you feel safe venting to, the moms you can turn to for unwavering support, the moms who have seen that rash before or know where the best tot lots are. They’re the ones who “get it” even when you feel like no one else does. Finding your tribe can offer a wonderful feeling of belonging and community.

Your Mom Tribe is out there. Here are a few tips for finding other moms in your area who might be empathetic to what you’re going through as a mom:

Empathy is one of the foundations of strong emotional intelligence and by tuning into what other mothers are going through, we’re able to build connection based on a higher level of understanding. Motherhood is not an experience you have to go through alone. Find your Mom Tribe.

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