June 5, 2012

The Fun Mom

My daughter pulls me aside over the weekend to have a s.e.r.i.o.u.s talk with me. I was mildly concerned (to say the least) at what bomb she may drop on me. She sat me down, cleared her throat, and began to tell me that I desperately needed to work on my “Fun-ness.” Yes, my little darling just told me I was not fun! I was stunned. I think I am majorly fun. Not just breakfast for dinner and barefoot in the yard fun, but seriously, good-time-havin’ fun – and often. Apparently I am wrong. I am no fun. I am that unfun mom that no kid wants to be around. I am the mom the other moms look at with pity and judgment, I am the mom that…wait…I digress. Back to the moment of revelation…So after telling me I was not fun and registering the look of panic, pain, and confusion on my face, my dear, sweet little girl quickly lets me know that it isn’t sooooo bad, and she has a few ideas for how I can up my fun game.

  1. I need to get a fun purse. Apparently, black and brown leather purses, although practical are not fun.
  2. I need some fun shoes. Again, comfort and practicality are not important, and black and brown don’t count.
  3. I need to invest in some headbands. Not the plastic leave you feeling like Frankenstein behind the ears headbands, but the cool, sporty, colorful bands that wrap all the way around your head like a cute little vice grip.
  4. I need a bikini. Yes, bikini. My skirted tankini is not going to cut it at the pool this year.
  5. I need “Ray-Ban-like” sunglasses, not the black Jackie O’s that I have had for years. And apparently, bling on the corners is a big NO!
  6. I need to paint my toenails a color other than red, pink or orange. She suggested purple, blue or green.

Ok, so I stink at being fun, and obviously at being cool. But, I am determined to give the new fun mom the college try! So, we head to Target to up my fun game. We find a cute blue hobo bag that got the thumbs up; yellow patent leather, kitten heel sandals; assorted color head wraps (very thin – the thinner the funner!); sunglasses (Ray-Ban-ish); and sporty, beachy, blue nail polish. The only thing missing is the bikini. And, I don’t think this middle-aged mom is anywhere near that fun. But, I am certainly more fun than I was a few days ago, and my daughter – at least for the moment – thinks I am pretty fun, and THAT is fun!

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