Getting involved in your child’s education

September is National School Success month. A parent’s attitude toward school will always be reflected in your child. But how do you find time in your already-busy schedule to volunteer? It’s okay… even the busiest parents can get involved in the classroom without spending time they don’t have.

Research has shown that regardless of parents’ income and educational background, their involvement in education helps their kids do better in and out of school. According to, the best opportunities for classroom involvement occur when kids are younger.

Here are a few simple steps from the Busy Parent’s Guide to Involvement in Education that offers insight on making a difference in your child’s education:

  • Put on a happy face. As working parents, we know how exhausting the end of the day is, but match your children’s enthusiasm when they talk about their day before the joy in their accomplishment disappears.
  • Be a show off! Display your children’s school paper or artwork proudly throughout the house. Talk about how delighted you are of their achievements in school.
  • Lend a helping hand. Even busy parents can pitch in when teachers call for help with school projects. Let the teacher know how much time you have and what talents you could offer. No matter how small, your contribution will be a help to the teacher and noticed by your child.

Not only will your involvement help your kid, it will benefit the school and its educators. Teachers are more likely to experience higher morale and schools establish a better reputation. And don’t worry; there are plenty of benefits for parents too! By involving yourself in your child’s education, you increase your interaction with your kid, while building confidence in your parenting and decision-making skills. See… when you’re involved in education, everyone wins!

Remember, involvement is easy. You don’t have to exhaust yourself by logging hundreds of volunteer hours for your child to benefit. Even if you can only volunteer a few hours a year, every little bit counts!

Check out for more ways to get involved this school year or contact your local Kiddie Academy directly!

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