March 20, 2014

A Few Good Reasons to Feel Great about Child Care

Children in Playroom

Here are just a few key reasons why your decision to choose child care can be considered advantageous, now and later.

Character builder.  Not only does exposing children to caregivers other than their parents help them to become well-rounded as they get older, it encourages them to be more flexible and adaptable in the face of new situations—a great trait for all ages.

Social stimulator. One of the first and most important lessons children learn in school is how to get along with their peers. This desirable character trait sets up young children for a positive educational experience, and its benefits last long after students graduate. Child care gives young children a jump start on learning this essential life lesson.

Immune booster. Sneezing, coughing and runny noses are an inevitable part of life for most young children. Researchers who study childhood immunity are continuing to draw connections between children who are exposed early and regularly to common viruses (e.g., through attendance at child care) and a reduced likelihood of developing certain illnesses and chronic conditions.

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 *Excerpt taken from a 2009 Parenting Essentials article*

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